Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bunnies in My Cradle

We speak of Downs Syndrome children being born today.
These children have come a long way.
People learned how to teach them so they become productive members of society.
You see them going to normal public schools and dealing with normal kids
who in turn are very nice to them because they are nice to be around.
These children can be pure joy because of their innocence and goodness.

But then you have stories you don't hear about.
Stories of children born with no air passage in their nostrils
Children whose brain capacity would not go past 2 years of age.

We had one such child born and the Mother was told to give it up to the state.
She said no. It's my child and I love it.
So she went through everything with this child.
The operations, the suffering, the extra work.
She had two more girls who had to take care of their much older brother because
he always wore diapers and as he grew he would soil them and take them off
as any baby would and walk around naked.
It was very hard on the family to have this boy living with them.
One day he had a temper tantrum and almost killed his Mother.
The Mother finally realized she couldn't handle him anymore and she was forced to give him up with the assurance that she could come and visit him anytime.
So she did that, almost every day.
One day she came and he had scratched his own eyes out and became blind.
Then one day she came and saw that he did not recognize her anymore and behaved
more like a monkey than a human, hanging off the bars in the window.
It was a sad story and last I heard ,this man child was still alive at 50.

Now suppose he did kill the Mother that day.
What would the state have done, killed him?
He is an innocent
but he was like an animal and we euthanize animals every day.
What makes this man child, any different from say, the Ice Man who gets mad,
or  a terrorist, or a psychopath? They are all killers.
These are all people with broken minds.
These are all people growing in numbers,
 walking between us, in pain and silence.
Today when they strike, they go for the numbers.

The man child was put into a mental ward and the others,
 we, as a society,either give them life or the death penalty.
It's important to think about these things because this
is what makes us a good or a bad human race and this is what will
result in our survival or extinction as a human race.

Do we judge and kill or do we not and just put these people away
where they won't hurt anyone anymore?

People who believe in God, will not kill them.
They would say these are broken people, deserving of mercy.

OK now why do we have broken people?
Why are they born? Who turns them into killers?

When push comes to shove, it all goes back to the way we live.
How we behave, what we teach, what we learn, what we see ,what we eat, drink,
all have side effects and we react to all these things,
 no different than what a worm would do when pricked.

Like yesterday, I watched the show "race sex and religion".
It was a scary show to watch.
The panel was specifically selected to indoctrinate the audience and
 the audience laughed
unaware of what was being done to them.
 No one realized that new gods were being born, to rule over them.
Before we spoke of death and taxes and today it is sex and taxes.
Everything we do, hear, see and talk about today, has to do with sex.

Do we not see obsessions as a disease?
Alcoholics are obsessed with alcohol. They are sick people.
Addicts with drugs.
Is not the pushing of people into believing improper behavior is ok,
 not a disease as well?
 Is not creating and then profiting from a disease you created, not ok?
All our actions have consequences.
Sex was never designed to be abused in the way we do today.

We used to have old people in traditional families,
 sit at home and when young people had a problem,
they would come home and have an old wise person guide
 them in the right direction.
Today, traditional families are destroyed and shows such as these, replace them to
indoctrinate people into doing things they profit from,
 while the person who follows them,
self destructs.

Without making this into a long story, I think this is something to think about.
We are all bunnies in a cradle where God is concerned.
He can come tomorrow and change us all without a single word.
He can turn us into a people he wants us to be but he doesn't.

He doesn't do it because he knows man wants to learn and to understand
and not be ordered to obey.
Learning how to think, is what it is all about, to God.
I think we tickled his fancy and he wants to see the end result
as much as any one else.
So, it should not be surprising that not many will make it to his kingdom
especially if we see society moving backward, instead of forward, as it tends to do
from time to time and needs correcting.

It's easier to control a person with a disease, than to control one who is aware and
self disciplined and educated properly and capable of critical thinking.
When a man says NO to improper behavior, you have to deal with him.
If he is a man who cannot be corrupted,
he is a man to be reckoned with, respected.,
 because he is one step closer to achieving
what every person wants to achieve in life,
knowing and understanding love and living in utter peace,
in a much better world for every one.
Today we are taught the word freedom.
We are not taught that with freedom comes responsibility and
accountability. We don't see these words anywhere.

Somehow, I don't find too many things going on today, very funny.

It is pretty scary, when you see people laughing,at nothing.
It's even worse when you see people of God, sitting there,
 not having a clue about who he is and what he stands for.
They come to discuss GOD, as a joke, without the armor of the
10 Commandments.
You can't corrupt God because he's been there and done that.
So he knows the way.


George said...

You've given us a lot to think about in this post. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George :)

Russell said...

Broken people -- very good term. Very true.

I worked at a legal aid office for several years and we had many clients who were mentally disturbed and/or addicts to drugs and/or alcohol.

I remember telling the attorneys in the office you cannot be rational with irrational people -- they had to understand that and not take things personally, etc. if clients said crazy or hurtful things. Still, if I could keep a lawyer in the office for more than 24 months that was a bonus -- such clients are very difficult at best.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes Russell they are. It's a big problem when you give people powerful info before they are mature enough to handle this info. Then defending them becomes a problem as well.
Broken people feel they have rights to create more broken people until society cannot handle it anymore.
They hear what they want to hear and close their ears to everything else. People need to heed the 10 Commandments.
They need to be reintroduced into our society because they are the true laws.