Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funeral of the Iron Lady

She was called the Iron Lady by the Russians.
She kept England Great.


I woke up at 2 am to watch the funeral of Margaret Thatcher on Sun News.
It was a beautiful elegant Methodist funeral, very fitting for a Conservative lady of her stature.
 The Queen and her husband attended.

Black horses brought Lady Thatcher in and a hearse left St. Pauls Cathedral with her casket .
She is expected to be cremated in  private, with her family present.
Many people stood alongside the road to watch the procession in quiet respect and silence.

I saw  Mulroney and Harper in the church. It was very nice of them to attend .
Obama sent no one to represent the US. Gorbachev and Nancy Regan were too ill to attend.

Thatcher  planned her own funeral . There were no eulogies said by her family.
 It was kept simple and formal.
She came to power when England was in dire straights, strike after strike, people dying in the streets.

Today England is prosperous and free and can look forward because of her policies and strength to say NO.
Many people don't like her but she said sometimes you have to say and do things you yourself don't like. That's part of the job.
It is quite clear though that she loved her country and in the end England gave her, her just rewards.

So many things happening and always at the same time.
It always comes in threes so I dread to wonder what the third thing will be.

We get to see so many important things on television. The Passing of Lady Diana, Wedding of her son William to Catherine, The death of the Pope, Resignation of the next Pope. Queens' Jubilee. Election of Obama, death of Osama, hanging of Saddam..... and all as it happens, right before our eyes.
We see wars as they happen.
 Never in history, could we actually be right there, without leaving our homes.


Well,  fare well  great lady.
May your journey continue to be a good one,
in health and with Gods' blessing.



George said...

This is another nice tribute to the Iron Lady. I doubt if we will ever see another like her in any country. I'm glad the funeral went well.

Lorna said...

I missed seeing the funeral but I do remember that she came all that way for Ronald Reagan's funeral. I got the impression then that she might have had a crush on him, above and beyond her admiring him as a great leader.

A Lady's Life said...

George that was an interesting time in history

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna she taped her speech ahead of time just in case she would be too emotional to say it.She was really very much in love with her husband.
She was very organized.
Who didn't like Reagan? People hated Nancy but she knew he had alzheimers and was helping him out to remember his
He went down pretty fast after he left politics.
You know, when your time comes, nothing and no one can help you.
Such big people one got a stroke and he other alzheimers.

Akelamalu said...

Nice tribute to our Iron Lady, thankyou. :)

This is the first funeral of a prime minister of GB that the Queen has attended since Churchill's, it shows the the deep regard the Queen had for Mrs Thatcher.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu- She was a wonderful woman
deserving of respect and honor. Not many today like her.

Lorna said...

Thought you might be interested in this. It's the first paragraphs of an email that I received.

Obama's Official Snub Of Margaret Thatcher Funeral Shows How Small He Is

Protocol: President Obama declined to send a high-level delegation to Wednesday's funeral of Britain's Margaret Thatcher. It's a measure of how little he values the special relationship — and a sign of his own smallness.

Back in more gracious times, vice presidents routinely attended funerals of foreign dignitaries. As such, the presence of Vice President Joe Biden — if not Obama himself — would seem fitting for as significant a U.S. ally as the late Prime Minister Thatcher, if not out of warmth of feeling, then simply to represent the U.S.' gratitude. Thatcher's uncompromising friendship with the U.S. helped to set off a free-market revolution, end the Cold War, and left the U.S. and U.K. the standard-bearers for freedom in the world — the very basis of the power Obama now enjoys.

But appallingly, not even Biden could be spared for the funeral of the most consequential British prime minister since Winston Churchill.

Lorna said...

And I just now read (at 1:44 am) that Obozo was not invited to the funeral. If this is true, then I say hurrah to the planners of the funeral. Maybe they were diligently following Thatcher's orders which she wrote when still alive.

A Lady's Life said...

Obozo ? You mean the Obamas Welfare game?
Lorna - you need to give the people who need it help but should never turn the country into a welfare state.It is good for people to work.