Sunday, March 31, 2013

Starry Starry Night

I watched the Pope this morning and it was so enjoyable
I am not Catholic but in the spirit of things and he is such a good Pope.

Our Easter is the 5th of May following the Julian Calendar.
We always celebrate everything twice. lol
This was also my Grand Mothers Birthday.
So easy to remember.
Nothing like doing things twice.
I should continue doing what I did before with the Christmas tree.
Keep decorating it with the seasons and local holidays so it always
stays a celebration in my house.
When people come and see their holidays celebrated in your home it makes them also feel good.

It is another beautiful day.

I put a lamb leg into the oven and made the vine leaves and peeled the potatoes to cook
last with the fried onion. The vegetables are in with the Lamb.

I think this year my whole family is making lamb for easter.
A lamb for our shepherd who will rise again.

So many want to tarnish the gift he gave man kind through his love and kindness.

This is probably why no one likes the 10 Commandments because it's like looking into the mirror
and seeing your soul and conscience blemished and imperfect.

All the worldly  laws perfectly inscribed in 10 sentences no one can live up to.

But the gift we got from Jesus was that he knows and they are there, as is
the Bible, for spiritual guidance, without threats or a stick or a warning.

All he asks is that we do the best we can, when we can, and that's fair in my book. :)

My boys went out for cake and ice cream and I have the table to set

I don't know. Seems like a pretty great day today.:)

Have a wonderful Sunday and again HAPPY EASTER!!!


Adam said...

I hope you have a incredible easter

Lorna said...

YOu sound ever so peaceful.

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna I had such a nice day today
A long time since we enjoyed a family day like today.

I hope the years become nicer now .
Less war and arguments more peace and love for every one.


A Lady's Life said...

Adam Yes I did. Nothing nicer for a Mom than to have her children around her.
I hope you celebrated with your family this week end.

troutbirder said...

I saw Don M. in concert just a couple of years ago. After all these years he still can sing.... And the lyrics and music he wrote stand unequaled. The videl Starry Starry Nigh always brings tears to my eyes... My eldest son was bi-polar.

BlueShell said...

Wonderful message!
God Bless you!

A Lady's Life said...

Troutbirder - I also get attached to songs. I always cry singing them so I think I'd make a lousy entertainer. lol
I'd make the whole audience cry. lol

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Blue Shell.and same to you
Hope you had a wonderful easter.