Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wa wats it goo fo?

This is such a funny clip I always laugh watching it. It was a very dull wet day today here in BC. I spent it washing the floors in the kitchen which needed a good scraping of the small holes in the tile. Then the dog came inside drank water and threw up everywhere. lol So back to the mop again. We went out and got a few things. I miss my material store. It closed down and had so many good specials to make wonderful things with. My friend is making table place settings and I thought geez I used to make stuff like this which were reversible They had nice frills and lace on both sides. Not anymore. If I had kids we'd probably be doing some thing or other for cub scouts or some other occasion at school. These were fun times to work with kids like this. Well maybe once I take out the ol machine again I will be able to do some nice things. Always something to do if you're looking for work lol It's boring otherwise to sit and have to think: what to do What to do. Then you end up Like Jackie Chan in the movie singing dumb Nothing much to say today. Same ol things. The streets are all in bloom. All the apple and cherry trees are in full bloom. The hydrangeas are on fire.Pretty to see this in front of houses. but its still a little cold to work outside. So I will wait. Hope you had a great day.! xoxoxoxo


Zuzana said...

Oh yes, I love those movies, they made a great pair. The best were the bloopers they always showed when the titles started to roll in the end of the movie.;)
I guess I have way too little to do as I always think, hihi.;)
Your trees are in bloom?? Wow. Here crocuses, snowdrops and barely daffodils are just about to bloom. Spring is very delayed this year in our parts.
Have a great weekend,

Adam said...

I didn't see Rush Hour 3 but I saw the first two