Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Crack the Egg.

You cannot separate the church from the state without killing what's inside.

If you want to destroy something , it's always done from the inside out.
Viruses work this way. Parasites.... They find a crack and dig in and rot the whole thing out.

The 10 Commandments is the Egg.

If the law does not allow for church and state, then what
is there to replace it with?

Church = state = politics= nation  = egg = 10 commandments.(Bible)

It's all one.

You begin to crack the egg, you end up with death.

This is why Islam is fighting so hard because it understands this.
Islam says in the end there is only one.

You ask people why they change to Islam and they say because in the end
there can be only one.

Islam doesn't stay in one nation.
It migrates, invades and then destroys from the inside out.

Unlike fascism, we allow it to enter our homes because it is a religion.

We don't understand that Fascism, is also a religion.
But we say no to it.
So this means, that unless every one in North America agrees to conform to Islam, and lose their freedom,
accept the way of life of Islam, we will have wars and wars and wars.
Islam will crack the egg we love and cherish but seem to be ashamed of.

Islam is above the law of the land and proud of it.

You can't afford to crack this egg.
We are Christians in North America.
Obama lied when he said  Islam built America.
He already said that.

Now draw the same picture of the egg and make the top
Communism ,and the bottom, state.
America said no to Cuba because it is communist.

Communism = state = politics = nation =egg =  little red book.

You see , Communism is a religion but unlike the Christian religion,
it dictates and kills like Islam does.

Islam = state=politics =nation=egg=Quran.

Take any - ism and then decide which one you want to live under..
Where do you feel safe to live?
Socialism only works short term, not long term.

Where do they not kill you for making a mistake or chop your hands and feet off or behead you?
Which country loves you no matter who you are?
Which nation says if you leave don't come back?

Do you want to keep your children or give them to the state?
Do you want the state to tell you where and how you are to live,
how many rooms your house should have,
where you will work, which school you will go to,
how many husbands wives and children you will have?
Do you want a small paycheck and then stand 50 years in line ups to get shoes and toilet paper?
This is what they do in other countries.
Choices are limited.
You cannot decide to read this book or take this drug to expand your mind.
or not take it or read it.
You cannot shop 24 hours hours a day 7 days a week.
Not to obey one way or another, is to get yourself into trouble in some countries.

Under the 10 Commandments we have the basic laws to guide and teach us
without control or a stick.
This is our world. We learn at our own pace but we do learn.
We learn slowly that they are correct.

We ran to this world to obtain this right to learn for ourselves under the 10 Commandments.
God did not kill Adam and Eve. He said ok
Go and learn
Here are 10 laws
Learn to live by them and survive
 throw them away, make your own laws and die.
God knows already what will happen.

We have no idea what we are doing. We are children.
Our whole life is an experiment.

God doesn't have to do anything, just let us go .
ie Lady Diana Spencer was let go.
She also had choices to make and learning to do.
She died because she did not make the right decision.
If she followed the 10 Commandments,
she might still be alive today.

Looking at the explosive situation our world is in today,
I'd say man made laws are  headed
to a bad ending.
You can't have your cake and eat it too.
There are limits to freedom in the micro sense of the word
(we all know on the macro level it's limitless but we consciously won't experience it.)

So... do we risk cracking the egg??
Or do we dig in, have faith, hope, love and go for the long haul, buy time,
to learn how to use this lovely gift we are given, to live explore, love laugh.?

In the end, there will be only one.

Personally I am happy I wont be here on this planet, to see the future.

In this era we enjoy the best of everything.:
water, grass, fresh air , sunlight , rain, good food, love.

I am orthodox, went to a Protestant school ,Sang in the choir at an Anglican Church, went to a student exchange program to a catholic school and church.
We sang the national anthem, God save the Queen and said the Lords Prayer every day at school and no one ever complained about it.
I went to Buddhist/Hindu temples whenever I was with my Chinese and Indian friends,St Josephs Oratory on top of Mount Royal and prayed there with the Catholics and Jesuits.
Visited Jewish temples and Indian temples with friends and never felt out of place.
My God was everywhere and I was glad other spiritual entities were there to talk to him for me and I through them.The statue or icon is not who I prayed to but to the meaning behind it attaching itself to God almighty because everything belongs to him.
My street was cosmopolitan. We had every kind of person living there and we were all friends.
That's not to say we never fought. We did and then we'd miss each other lol
Wherever we went , alone or as a group, not one parent complained.

I would feel out of place in communist regimes because when you get lonely, knowing God is there to talk to is pleasant and nice but you can't pray where people take notes that you went to pray and then arrest you when you go outside.
Also  everywhere I went I felt freedom except in Islamic countries. I felt a coldness, unlike anything I ever felt within in their mosaic walls. . The way men looked at you, the way they behaved around you was abnormal.
Respect? Do they have any for women? Who is their God?
Certainly not mine. My God is kind and generous and loving and forgiving.
When you live in constant fear, this is not a religion or regime, I want to be in or have around me.
 Better to have none, than live like this.
As a woman I would never conform.
My spirit would never allow it and I'd be one of the first to die.

You find spiritual bliss in the woods mountains rivers and skies.
You feel it in the warm and cold ground and in the breath and eyes of other living creatures.
American Indians have a beautiful culture uniting with the planet .
I love to absorb it all.
I want my children to have this world I lived in and enjoyed.

We are endowed by
so many blessings and we sit and fight and throw them all away.
Someone ,.somewhere ,is not teaching neither us nor our children well.

You never crack the egg.


Lorna said...

Lady this is excellent. 'socialism doesn't work. It does not allow for the individual to excel, create his own, and stand up and out. Same with communism. Individual freedom is lost, gone, trampled.

There are those who do not understand the nature of the opposition. They are naive, and in this era, naivete is dangerous. Naive people making rules are dangerous.


A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - exactly
The only place you get individual freedom is in Christianity because it carries no stick. It relies on people to do what they do best, learn to come to the right conclusions.
However people do not read history books and if they do, they don't relate or learn and history repeats itself.I am guilty of this myself. I had nothing to say believing things are ok and don't need my voice.Obviously it did. but it's still not too late to pull back.
People have to stay vigilante and stop the cracks before your whole
idea of freedom and individuality collapses.
Our system worked because with all the differences we had, we were still the same. Today things are changing and this change we can't afford unless we open doors to another episode of Hitler/Stalin/Nero etc....

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

God did not kill Adam and Eve. He said ok
Go and learn
Here are 10 laws
Learn to live by them and survive
throw them away, make your own laws and die.
God knows already what will happen.

Your statement above says it all.
There is surely judgement to come and I will be in Heaven when He returns with the wrath unlike anything we've ever witnessed with the human eye.

REPENT People. The end of all things is near... 1st Peter 4:7-8

Great Post!
Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - It is a much easier and simpler, living the right way, which is the way God planned for man to live. Otherwise we'd be amoebas or worms and not humans.
Man was blessed with conscious time to learn that God was right.
If we do not live right, then no matter what we do, the end result will be extinction.
That's a simple fact as well.

Anonymous said...

scary, scary, at times I say I am glad I am an old lady, cant even imagine my children'future.

Annie v.

A Lady's Life said...

Annie - it is a scary world but we need to have faith that in the end it will all turn out ok.
More people need to speak out and be heard though. Right now, the wrong people are talking.