Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sing Along With the Gang and Live.

Well, as the gardens get greener, we will see more happy faces
and a few green frogs here and there.

I am starting more and more sentences these days with "well".
Well is a word that can relate to many things.
We drink from a well.
We feel well.
We say well, well, well, when some thing amuses us.
Well, can be a foundation
I use it to continue a thought
Well..... I think......
 My friend Lorna is tickling my mind lol

Her question is what is a teleological argument?

Well.... I said , I guessed it was the always existent argument of whether or not there
is a divine God, a creator.

Scientists explore the subject every day and every day they find more and more mysteries.
Every day they say, out of the millions of selections,
how do we have for example, one that creates an eye and this eye, is in a body and
the genetic code for this eye repeats itself over and over.

Then we die but the brain is so diverse, that we don't use half of it.
So what does it mean when we say a person is brain dead?
Does it mean there is no electricity flowing through it?
Is it the part that makes us who we are?
Is it all of the tissues which embody the brain?
If it is only part of the brain which makes us who we are,
 walking talking functioning creatures,
then there is another half we never explored which can be taught all over again.
Should it be kept alive?
When we say a person is comatose, do we know where this person is in his brain ?
Or maybe we don't know how to reach him?
Do we disconnect and kill him since half of our brain doesn;t know how to keep us alive?
 Stop feeding him?
How long does a person still live after he is clinically dead?

The same goes with God.
He knows how to reach us but we don't know how to reach him and
 so we have people running around talking pro and con but
no one really can prove or disprove his existence.
He is alive as long as we think and speak of him.
He will live if we don't speak of him or know him.
He might be a scientist looking at our planet, like a cell under a microscope
and we might be equivalent to germs to him. lol
In my book if you can't disprove it, then you can't tell people God is a hoax.

You also cannot speak for God saying he will give you virgins
 if you kill someone or yourself, as a reward.
Asking for virgins for sex, is a sin.
It falls under lust not love.

We speak of conscious thought and being dead, thought wouldn't exist anymore because
 we give thought, a sort of
physical attribute even though we can't see, feel, taste, or touch it.
So man now is trying to find the soul.
Another thing we can't see , feel, taste, or  touch.
The breath that gives us life.
The breath that stops when we die.
This we see and feel in other people.

In the past we feared God cause we didn't understand things like lightning
We didn't understand why some people were hit by it  more than others.
We didn't understand witches, so we burned them.
We thought in terms of guilt and punishment instead of understanding
and learning even though Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge
because they wanted to learn and understand.
This is why we are here today.

Today, through Christianity, we believe we do not understand and
 if we do not understand, then how can we say someone is guilty?
How can we judge?

We had two young men who went and blew people up the other day.
One is dead and the other saved but he is to be judged and people want him dead.
 Under Islamic law he probably would already be dead but we want a trial.
We have suicide bombers who willingly put their chest out to die for God.
In countries like Germany and China and the USSR they called athiests,
soldiers/revolutionaries, patriots
ready to die for the cause.

We have freedom fighters of different faiths,
who do the same thing every day for our beliefs.

To me God is something soo big, so far away, that even if I had eternal life,
I would never reach him unless
he wants me to be with him, so I don't waste time trying to prove he exists.
I know he does.
Instead I look at the micro level of humanity which affects me,
the cross and Jesus crucified on it.
It came into existence, at a time when people were enslaved by
 Pharaohs, Emperors and
 A man stood up. And not just a man but a man born to speak for man kind
and he said we need to love each other, forgive each other, stop killing each other.....

It was a revolutionary thought.
He forgave every one, prostitutes, drug people, lepers......
He said you needn't fear God because he is not there to punish you but to love you.
He wants you to understand  because this is what you want to do.
God stands by man as a Father, as we would by our own children.
This is why Islam is wrong until today.
It punishes without understanding because Muhhammad said they should.
People are tortured, stoned, beheaded, burned ,judged and hate follows them wherever they go.
Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
Doesn't apply in Islam unless you are of the same faith.
The Jews crucified Jesus but we speak of Judeo Christianity.
Just think, if we are Judeo Christians and Islam wants the Jews dead,
 where do we stand with Islam?
We face annihilation as well.
They live in a black and white world of yes and no with no gray in between.
So do many who live in dictatorships and communist countries
where you have law and not allowed to think.
We live in gray because we know we do not have all the answers, so we need time
to find answers.
For time to exist, there must be life not suicide and death.

So the cross symbolizes not just that Jesus died on it.
It symbolizes a whole lot of other things.
It symbolizes cruelty, torture, fear, death, judgement,hate....
the killing of a man
who was guilty of nothing.
It also symbolizes faith hope love forgiveness....
It asks, what kind of people do we want to be?
What kind of society do we want to live in?
Neros'? Hitlers'? Stalins'? Muhhamads'or Gods'?
Do we need dictators? Laws?

Do we not know right from wrong?
Inside, I think we all do.

Those who wear the is to remind them not to be like people were in the past.
We are taught not to do bad things, to hurt people, even our enemies.
We are taught
not to enslave people or force them to do things they don't want to do.
Have mercy on man because we are not born equal,
 in understanding and learning.

Of course Christians killed as well throughout history,
 to keep the idea of freedom and democracy alive.
but I look upon it as self defense.
If Christians didn't fight, they would all be crucified and beheaded.
and they were. We would not have a free world vs a non free world situation.
We we are learning today, to save the planet through clean energy.
Some will never want to save the planet.
They want our children to grow up Godless and replaced God by taxes.
 The new God , Taxes, has arisen
and the new slaves, are those who feed him.
 The God Taxes, is the new fear people will be forced to believe in
and he will punish those who don't feed him. lol

The opposition continues to kill Christians with their own concept of freedom,
their own  wants and desires, through their new ideology of what it means or should mean.
Big business does this.
But who does it work for?
Socialism, communism,... take any ism. None is perfect.

Our armor is the 10 Commandments.
These are very liberal laws forcing you to think.
but the others, want it killed.
So we have to ask why do they want it killed?
Why do they want our children in schools we pay taxes for?

God is replaced by the empty promises of the new Caesars, Neros', Stalins and Hitlers
in waiting, through votes .
The 10 Commandments now represent repression  to them, against freedom.
It stops them from rising.
The truth is, the 10 Commandments is freedom.
and justice.

To live against them, you condemn yourself  back to where the problem began.
Those against the 10 Commandments do not understand the meaning behind them.
or maybe they do and that's the problem.

To look at the cross hurts their eyes and soul
because it is truth staring them in the face.
Innocent lambs were killed tortured and  enslaved .
The suffering , bleeding, lamb who asked his Father to forgive them
because they knew not what they did.

That's pretty powerful, heavy stuff.
That's heavier than the teleological argument about something we don't know.

This Cross ideology, we do understand and know because it hits home.

This is also why we can't and never will accept Islam.
They teach everyone in the world the Quran in Arabic and no one understands anything.
They are not allowed to translate the book, discuss it, criticize it, burn
It's indoctrinating and teaches fanaticism to people who understand nothing but killing.
The book, is more important than the people who live in poverty and even without electricity in a world where most have it.
 In fact, where they live,by deserts,  every household should have more than enough, with solar power.

God gives you children as gifts to know love and teach compassion to ,cherish,
 not to send to war and raise, to hate.
If life is evil and we are born to die, then it is God who gives life
and therefore only God who should take it away.
No one else.
So this is my understanding of teleology lol
Man exists and God is in all men, so then God exists.
He exists as the Father and as the Son and as the Holy Ghost
in all of us.
We can believe in him or not believe in him and it's all irrelevant because
he comes to all of us at one point in time or another.
Sooner or later, we will all have to face him and answer only to him.
Some may have to continue the journey to learn more and others already learned
and go to a higher plane.

I don't think we are at God's level yet to be able to enter his kingdom.
He needs people who don't fight or kill or do harm.
He needs people who know and understand pure love.

Man has come a long way but he still has not even scratched the surface.


Rick Watson said...

Well you've said a lot in this one missy :)

A Lady's Life said...

Rick - I was asked a question lol

A Lady's Life said...

Munir - the thing is every one is on the same footing with the 10 Commandments.The changes happened after. Muhammad was about peace through killing.Death is peace.Muhhammad was about intolerance lol His way or no way.
Jesus was about life through living learning and understanding. No one is perfect so no one can be judged by man..No one is forced to become a Christian. People can come and go as they please and are free to choose to believe in God or not to believe. Jesus believed man knows right from wrong and he had faith that in the end man will make the right choices to survive.
If we believe man is a spiritual being, then survival of the spirit is our goal.What is life, if you kill the spirit?

Sandy Carlson said...

You provoke thought, that's for sure!

A Lady's Life said...

Well Sandy , you have to think about it.
We are very lucky to live in a country that allows free thought and criticism.
We agree that we don't have to agree and still all live together just fine,
without worries.