Thursday, April 11, 2013

Business Life and Death

There was once a homeless man. He worked on the streets collecting bottles he recycled, doing odd jobs for people, making a buck here a buck there. He didn't drink or smoke or do drugs. Winters were mild where he lived so he was able to make do, making shelters where he could, under bridges, in pipes, old empty buildings , in the woods by rivers and lakes. He lived for years this way until one day the police stopped him and found he had a million dollars on his person.

They said you must have stolen this because it should be in a bank and took it away, leaving him
helpless again to live with nothing.
The story went into the papers but I never heard one person stand up and speak for the rights of this homeless man, who has rights to keep his money where he wants it. In fact, now that it became public, it would be down right dangerous for him.
Theft is theft regardless if the police take it or another robber.
The money was made through working hard and saved because the person lived inconveniently,  suffering quietly, on city streets.
Some could say the man was crazy, others could say he was smart.
Who knows what was in his mind? The thing is, he was free to live how he wished to live and if he wanted his pocket to be his bank, no one should be allowed to say otherwise.
As a homeless man, he was able to make a million dollars, living a free life, where most people following the get rich quick schemes, living in comfort in heated homes, driving cars and going on vacations, are not able to do because they are enslaved  by a system, laws and rules designed to extort money out of you.

Another more recent story, was about a man with a paper clip. He made his story public.
He said I am beginning with a paper clip and through the barter system, I want to work my way up to owning a house. So he climbed that ladder and sure enough, he ended up with a house, free and clear which he could now sell.
Two different stories about two people who did not follow the status quo, thinking outside the box.
So there are other ways to make money without following laws and rules. If you are patient and work hard, it could be done.
So if it could be done, why aren't  people doing it?
As a kid I remember Steinbergs. It was like Safeway... run by a family.
It began small with the family having extra goods left over and rather than throw them away, they  put them into their customers' grocery bags.
Things like apples, bread, buns. The company grew cause people liked this. Word spread and more people came.

I got my huge Oxford Dictionary from them buying a letter a week, an Encyclopedia and then they gave out Pinky Stamps you collected in a booklet for things. It worked. They did a good honest business making their customers happy and the customers were good to work with because they also were good honest hard working , God fearing people.

No one in those days had wicked thoughts about screwing another business A man's honor meant a lot. Today businesses have to think twice about the kind of customers they sell to or go bank rupt.
One day, after 75 years, they closed down and we lost Steinbergs. They went bankrupt.
According to WIKI :
"Trouble started brewing for the chain after the death of Sam Steinberg in 1978; his laissez-faire dealings with the union and lack of a succession plan for the company began its decline. Things worsened rapidly when a power struggle developed between his daughter Mitzi, her husband Mel Dobrin, daughter Marilyn Steinberg Cobrin and daughter Evelyn Steinberg."
The story of Steinbergs is an interesting one if you look it up in Wiki.
Times were different back then. People were honest, problems resolved ethically until one day
everything changed. Greed got in. Improper behavior.
Today people are taught morals ethics and values are garbage. Money talks and bullshit walks. Do what you have to do, to get ahead. I listen to the Lang and Oleary Exchange and I have to say it's shocking sometimes.
Trouble is, there is always another bigger wolf sitting behind every other regular wolf ready to pounce in and lap up the profits of hard work, hurting many in the process.
This wolf sits, analyzes and investigates how to devour and destroy good business and according to our laws, that's ok to do.
 I find if a person sits specifically to devise ways and means to destroy your job and lifes' work, that's criminal.

 It's done simply through constant harassment wearing you down until you can't concentrate on your job and then they come and clean it up with the final kill . Judges see this happening every day. They know it and do nothing about it. The criminal wins every time because the criminal knows how to work the system. That's their job. So working within a system, being good, means you will never win.
This is the message that is sent to every person wanting to have a little something for his family. Word gets out, every one begins on a feeding frenzy and every one loses except the top wolf who knows how to extort from everyone especially now that everyone is grovelling while he holds a winning hand.

People learn quickly that it's not enough to do good business anymore.
Banks give you a dollar but know how to take 5 away from you. Finance companies give you a dollar and take 20. Mortgages suffer because people lose their homes because after interest is collected , lenders don't want it sold to you anymore and jobs suffer because companies can't cope with the expenses of running them especially if they try to do the right thing.'
Not good stuff doing it the way people are being taught today.
The homeless man made it but was robbed by the very people who should have protected him.
The barter system works because it's honest and people know what they are exchanging for but it involves no paper /money trail.
Steinbergs was good being ethical and moral with people until bad stuff got inside and began the rot which eventually destroyed it.
Should life always be so difficult?

Working under Gods' laws, you put in a days work and you get your just rewards.
You work a little harder, you make a little more You have the ability to take a few days off to rest and spend with family.
Under man's laws, you put in a good days work but you can't go home to have a good nights' sleep because while you are sleeping, someone is in your business checking out ways and means to outsmart you so they get something for nothing.
Running an innocent business puts you on someones' hit list to destroy because something you have has resale value. Instead of allowing you to be happy running your business and growing, they steal it from under you and resell it.

It all leaves us wondering, if cracking the egg is in the end, a good thing?
Why is it today that we have law but no justice?
Why does the law hurt the good man, while rewarding the unethical thief?
All the answers lie in the 10 Commandments.
It is the egg which nourishes, protects and defends  us all, within the walls of its' shell.
Those who want to see it broken, are the ones we have to watch out for.


Anji said...

A very interesting post.

A few years ago I set up a little business selling vintage postcards. The government at the time made it easy for us by simplifying the accounts and taxes. My business keeps me in work; I don't earn much but I enjoy every single day. That's my reward.

The new government (who are supposed to be socialists) are thinking of scrapping the system which means that I will have to stop what I am doing because the charges and taxes will be too high. I won't earn enough to pay them. I will be out of work, too old to employ - too young to retire.

It's happening exactly as you say!

A Lady's Life said...

Anji - That's terrible.
They want you to need them and this is why the system is dangerous. It kills peoples' spirits to want to do something for themselves. Now more good people will be turned into crooks because to make enough to get by on, you have to go underground.
We have so many new immigrants doing this in Canada today and they live better than the normal Canadian. So Canadians complain because they pay them social services and other benefits and they make more money than anyone else on top of that and they all carry the same name so it's hard to define who are guilty and who are straight.
With paper trails no man is free and is always subject to fraud and
corruption by powers that be.
ie they say get credit cards and build up your credit. People buy into that. But why do you need credit? Why not pay and keep yourself clean.No paper work, no one to hassle you and you are your own man. This is Gods' way.

Gattina said...

I wished I knew how to make a million dollars during my life !

BTW I think you don't understand what the European Union is, it's just like the United States, each country keeps his own languages, laws and rights, but we have the same money now and work together instead of making wars. The European Union has now 27 countries, the UK included, only they kept their pounds, which is very inconvenient because they have to buy everything in Euros and mostly loose with the exchange rate. That's why nobody could understand why Margaret Thatcher was against it. Just stupid.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - They back stabbed her because she was a woman not because she was wrong. In fact they tried to back track later because they saw Thatcher was right but how to do this and save face?
I agree with England in keeping her pound.England didn't jump on the band wagon. She did the right thing.
Europe isn't all it's cracked up to be and every time they would tell us here
Europe does it.... I would gag.

We are not Europe. We ran from Europe. If you want to do things like Europe, go to Europe.
America is not Europe. Canada is not Europe.

Most things that came here from Europe, we did not like but had to go along with,like saving her from Hitler. Why couldn't Europe do that herself? and now as world peace keepers America is hated for trying to do the right thing and accused of loving God. It is God who came to Europes' aid. Otherwise why would we care? We too would go to Europe like Hitler did and take her.
We don't want to be Europe here. We like our cowboys and Indians. We love our fresh air and freedom.
We don't like socialism because it corrupts and impoverishes, develops expensive bureaucracies which can't be controlled or supported.Kills creativity.
Everything social, people abuse and laws begin to not work because the innocent man is the one getting hurt. Before we had things called respect, honor, self discipline,pride in what one did, boundaries and limits and it worked well for the most part.
Letting people into our countries today is a big mistake because they bring people who don't give a hoot about what we love here like the old immigrants who came here did.They want to make us into China and India and Mexico and Europe . We live in a dream where anything and everything is possible through hard work and the new people, seeing a bit of socialism, come not to work to build this country but to feed off of it because they can. and are as a result throwing good ideas for the people here away and soon we will become broke like Europe . It's so easy to abuse systems. It is better to do a few little things and let people keep their own money to decide where THEY want it spent.
Margaret Thatcher was right.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I agree. A theft is a theft no matter what the status is of the person who stole it or the reasons why.

And judgement "should" be judgement, regardless of who stole it and why!

People easily forget that when we face God, we will have to answer for all deeds...good and bad.

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - You see why we run into a problem here?
As Christians we are not allowed to judge. Only God is.No one escapes from him . This is why people need to know and understand the 10 Commandments and families have to be traditional and children need a Mom and a Dad for balance. If grown ups lived properly, kids would emulate them. Today grown ups do drugs and when the police bring their kid in for doing them, the parents say let him go. What's your problem? Then the kid dies and it's society's problem.They push adirol on kids. Kids go crazy and kill people. That drug changes brain cells and it's irreversible.
What do you expect? Freedom does not mean you can do what you want.
Freedom has limits and hurts people if you are not accountable or responsible for your behavior.
If you can't handle life you need help and NOT in the form of drugs.
You need brain power to think yourself out of doing bad things.
This takes time to train a person to do.Our society believes in laws but laws are band aid solutions.
What are we going to do put the whole country in jail because people went nuts in it? Our soldiers can't fight out there and inside here too . So we are doomed as a great country and dream people want to live in their short time here on earth.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. Steinberg sounds like an excellent man and I see his name lives on as a wealthy philanthropist ..

Interesting stories you've given us ..

I won't go into the European/UK thing!

Cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Hilary Many people don't like Thatcher but I thought she was very good. She cared and many MP's later agreed she was right. In any event it was not a nice thing they did to her.