Thursday, May 31, 2012

Up Driving Age - May 31 2012 - Annette McLeod - Driving Miss Crazy
  Re: Upping Driving age

I disagree. I think kids should get their drivers licenses early so they drive more with parents.
I see so many middle aged adults who have no business on the road seeing they don't see
a car beside them, when changing lanes.
So attacking other age groups is not right.
I also really dislike people doing drugs, feeling it does not help their driving skills.

You can't protect kids any more than you can protect adults, some of who never grow up.
So upping the driving age will only create more, less experienced, drivers on the road.
Experience is obtained through driving.
Kids are sponges when they are young so put them out there, teach them and drive with
them, so you know they learn the right things, they will carry with them all their lives.

Also, people disagree,  but ethics morals and values, create a person, more sensitive
 to other peoples rights as opposed to Anne Rands' me myself and I attitude.

So Annette is a young Mom, with a lot to learn.
Probably someone out there thinks the same thing about her driving skills.
 Maybe her Mom? lol



Zuzana said...

Getting my driving license was a terrible ordeal. In Scandinavia this is a great business and the teachers will keep you failing so they can get a lot of money in. I still have nightmares about all the tests.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Here too Zuzana they play with you but my younger son got perfect grades
while the older is still without a license to drive. He drives fine but is a bad tester lol

Diana said...

I had to log 50 hours of driving with my daughter before she could test at age 16.
Personally, I don't think age has anything to do with it. Of course I don't condone children driving but I do feel that it takes a certain amount of intelligence, the ability to memorize and MAINTAIN the memory of rules and laws, and finally good reflexes. All of those things can fade as years go by.
I do think there should be annual mandatory driving and written exams after a certain age. Perhaps after age 70.
I see more seniors that are dangerous on the roads than teens.
My mother and grandmother were good examples of that. Someday it may be me!! Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - Well with alzheimers... lol
It speaks for itself but there are a lot of people doing drugs and alcohol and people born with alcohol syndrome today, who are young, and behind wheels of cars. It's not just old people. Road rage over the slightest thing, is prevalent today.
Also the "me first" attitude.
Old people don't drive much. They go to buy groceries mainly, so their trips are short and if we had polite drivers on the road, old people shouldn't bother anyone.
It's equivalent to a horse and buggy on the road.
I drive using the defensive method which I was taught and this requires slower driving, and saves your brakes so they can be used longer but young people today, drive fast, jerk cars , speed up when they see signaling to change lanes to stop the lane change and this, especially with foreigners, they drive forgetting they have a car that takes up space and change lanes to drive right into you to force you to swerve into a sidewalk or another car to avoid being smashed from the side.
All these people have no problem passing tests. Testing to me is just a cash cow and resolves nothing. You drive and your driving record should be enough to show if your should drive or not.
Rising insurance costs due to accidents, should also slow you down and tell you you should not be driving. Then, You take a license away, people will still drive by stealing cars. You create more criminals this way. Driving is a necessity today. Life is such that you need a car.
Personally, I'd love to see more golf carts allowed on residential streets. They don't require a license and take you where you need to go.

Betsy Brock said...

haha...oh this was cute. Yes, there are terrible drivers of all ages!

A Lady's Life said...

Betsy - I agree
Today people like to tail gate for example
This was very bad to do when I first got my license.

Diane said...

I agree. Keep the age where it is and go out with them and drive with them. My daughter wants to get her license now. As a twenty nine year old mother of two. Who is going to be able to drive with her? And with kids in the back as extra distractions. Would have been much easier if she had just done it when I wanted her to, when she still lived at home. And her parents could have gone out with her! Now? It's complicated . . .

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - The younger they start , the better. Yes it does get complicated as you get older. Husbands don't make good teachers lol