Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fiddle On the Wild Side

Yesterday I made chile for my husband since he loves beans and lentils
but for my son I boiled spinach.
It's funny how I used to boil spinach before and he refused to eat it and now he demands to eat food with no oil butter or salt.
This creates a lot of trouble for me because my husband can't get enough oil butter and salt. lol
So it seems I have to go back to my Mom's way of cooking . She steamed everything and if you eat on time right after its cooked, it's all delicious.
Lately I find chicken meat to be utterly tasteless. It tastes like rubber which makes me think it's not very healthy to eat anymore.

So I keep looking for variety and  yesterday, I came across fresh  fiddle heads.
Boy was I excited!
It makes me feel like Granny from the Beverly Hill Billies :)
My girlfriend showed me how to pick them in the wild in spring, off of ferns.

So now I say I should make a garden of ferns to get these delicious bits which are sooooo good boiled and then fried in melted butter.
We had a nice little batch of them last night between my son and myself.
I told him he should try them so he knows what it is.

Another so called weed from the artichoke/ aster dominion, is Cardoni

My sister in law and I used to go into the fields and collect them from the wild.
It doesn't pay to grow them in a garden because they take a lot of space. They look like rhubarb and you just cut the stalks from the bottom of the plant.

These you dip into flour and bread crumbs and fry. They become crisp like fries.
So delicious.
I haven't collected them in a long time and need to visit my sister in law so we can again go into the field and get re acquainted with the
My son should have another learning experience.
The kids know nothing today in how to survive from wild plants,
otherwise known as weeds lol

Not exactly cheese cake but hey....... ya gotta eat eh? lol



Diana said...

I've never tried fiddle heads. They sound good. I love fresh spinach too. I fry a little bacon, add a bit of olive oil,salt and pepper, just enough water and throw the spinach in. My daughter just loves it!
I wish we had more variety around here. I would try some different things. We just live in a bad area for anything so "Exotic"!!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - you be surprised what you have around you
Nature is wonderful.

George said...

I think you would be right at home here in the mountains of Tennessee. You'd like some of the 'old time' foods eaten back in our hills.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Sure would. I like to learn about survival in the wilderness and it pays to know about the health benefits of food grown under normal conditions without insecticides, pesticides and other tampering commercial enterprises do with our food.This is why people get sick.
We don't know what we are eating.

Rob said...

Can't say I'm thrilled by fiddle heads, but I know some people are. I've eaten them, and would again; I'm just not thrilled. I haven't had Cardoni; looks a lot like asparagus.

I prefer to get food with as little processing as possible. Even organic if we can afford organic.

A Lady's Life said...

Rob - organic is no good either
It all has things in it we don't know about.
Thats why we need to leave our land alone so it stays clean and things grow natural on it.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. great post and they sound so interesting .. foraging is becoming more popular. Cardoni and Fiddle heads - I'll keep my eyes open ..

Cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Have fun Hilary lol