Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Perfect Day

The end of one perfect day.
Beautiful sun setting on the horizon.
A calm waterfront.
All the river coasters, put to sleep for the night .

The planes flew overhead every 5 minutes and left a shadow over the water.
It was awesome.

Another shot of the waterfront inside a valley surrounded by mountains.

The band played old tunes and sang old songs.
There was an old woman celebrating her 101st birthday and she told the band leader she saw his band in 1938
He laughed and said he was a lot younger then Now he is also a ripe young age of 94.
But he still played the sax and sang so well you wouldn't know he was that old.

Robin Williams is supposed to perform  there on June 8th.
And Whoopi Goldberg maybe in August.

(A Lady's Life)
Every Mom received a carnation compliments of the River Rock Casino.


This is me jumping into the River Rocks Penis shaped pool
That's right.
I blinked too. lol


After doing a few laps I did the pirouette


and every one clapped because I did it so well lol.

They loved my shapely form.lol

But seriously.
Lots to be seen here and to do for the whole family.



Rob-bear said...

A little bent out of shape were you? Well, I'm sure the damage wasn't permanent.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

A Lady's Life said...

rob bear - I loved these little statues

George said...

I really like your sunset pictures. It looks as if you had a beautiful setting. I was also impressed with your dancing ability. (The statuettes are neat).

Gattina said...

Was a nice excursion. I hate wind when it's too strong. I like Robin Williams he is an excellent actor !

A Lady's Life said...

George - it was really nice and close to home and as for the statues I really liked their form They made me smile.
The pool was something I got off the net. I never knew they made it into this shape .But I guess its something to gossip about. lol

A Lady's Life said...

gatinna The wind wasn't that strong and yet for the flags it was very strong.They made an awful rucus lol

Diane said...

Beautiful sunset! I'd loved to have heard that band. I so love old time music! Cute, cute statuettes. So you were the model, eh? (Kidding!!!)

A Lady's Life said...

lol diane - I felt like I was lol