Saturday, May 5, 2012

Now this is a tour.
We could use cars and trucks like this to replace ferry boats.
We have a lot of small islands between the mainland and  Vancouver island.
Cars and boats can easily swim to the islands or maybe even close to the Vancouver island
to take a ferry boat, making the trips shorter and less expensive
It has been raining almost all day and all night and driving in such weather
 is always treacherous especially when the rain is hard. Slow driving
can't be overstressed in such times.
I am behind the times and don't see the real dangers posed by gang and drug wars as they battle it out on city streets endangering every one around them. We are not used to this.
We have too many gangs today and they are fighting between each other.
I get very upset when these gansters go into the schools and seeing one familiar face killed, in the papers , really hits home.
 Seeing police in full gear, searching for info, is not something we are used to seeing in our communities.
The family tells of how the young man was nice and kind with his family and that people do not see the other side.
As a Mother, I am not impressed.
 He did drugs.
He sold drugs.
 He decided to sell drugs to kids, destroying other families.
He wanted fast money to show and attract and entice new members to join the drug traffic world,
innocent kids, who need money and might find this a lucrative business to go into, thinking selfishly,
only of themselves and the lambourghini they will drive one day.

No. I am not impressed .
People do not need drugs to live and enjoy life.
Kids do not need to get away from lifes' pressures and illnesses.
In fact, kids have life easy today.
They should have it harder. They should be doing chores and kept busy in families as opposed to using the home as a hotel and feeding ground and exchanging family for friends and streets.
 We would not have pregnant girls, sex, drugs, runaways,bullies etc.... if parents held onto their kids.

But the world has changed. Parents are sent to work and laws allow for parent abuse, by kids.
I watch the program Strict Parents and the difference between kids coming from strict parenting
and  kids from lenient parenting, is quite evident.

The kids of strict upbringing, are respectful. They work hard, are polite, study,and parents don't have the drug and cigarette and sex problems with these kids as the other parents who don't set an example for their children to follow.These kids understand where the parent is coming from and they sympathize and love their parents for being the people they are, who love and care about them enough to say NO.

Freedom is not a right. It's a privilege. You have to earn it through doing the things, which shows society
that you can handle freedom.
These drug people cannot handle freedom because they do not function in society. They are anti society.
They are there to hurt people because they are hurt damaged  people themselves looking for excuses. Why study, when you can prey on the weak and disturbed, sell them drugs, maybe kill them, or get them to join another group in lucrative prostitution to buy more drugs and prey on more people.

Well there are no excuses. :Life is hard. Living is hard. To survive is hard.
Our parents knew it and they worked hard to ensure they had something. Today you can't work hard because things keep being taken away from you to give to those who don't want to work hard.
With computers, it's even easier to gangster.
They are full of excuses as to why they should not work hard.
It is not easy to hold the reins in on kids running wild on city streets and schools saying it's ok not to tell your parents about what you are doing because you are free. lol
Schools have rules don't they?
So this means kids are not free.

Adults have rules to follow. They are not free.
Why should kids be told, they are free?
It's a two faced lie.
Some say ok...... lets give up. Let them have their drugs and then they will weed themselves out and kill each other.
Well that doesn't happen. They don't weed out these people.
They take over and they pull more people in.

People don;t watch cow boy movies but these movies show how evil takes over towns on a small scale.
They show people scared to fight back so they hire fast gun men to resolve their problems for them and eventually these gunmen need their help to fight back.
It was a small scale war but a war nevertheless.

We have no choice but to fight and never surrender in this fight against drugs.
We are Mothers and Fathers and Uncles and Aunts. We all have families we love.
No one should have to make excuses as a gansters' family does about the other side of this personality , who was shot on a city street, endangering everyone else around him in cars.

They knew what the person did. They supported it by not stopping him. They probably even told him
he was smart and thanked him for the blood money he gave them.

So I am not impressed. Those who take and use illegal drugs are part of the problem and not the solution.
There is no excuse to use drugs.
Every time you smoke a joint, some one somewhere is dying because of you, because of a joint laced in something else, because of addictions because you support drugs, because of prostitution related to drug use, because of brain damage because of kids are born of parents who do drugs.
In fact being a part of the problem, you are also guilty, through association, of having someone else killed which means you are also a killer.
Far fetched? Crazy? 
Think about it.
Band aide solutions never solve a problem. It festers under the bandage.
The root causes are the problem and ignoring them and changing laws to ok them is not a solution because innocent people, will still die.
Saying its ok I'm not hurting anyone, is a lie.
Your fun is hurting someone as well as yourself.

Laura Szendreis Dad had Hells Angels come to his daughters funeral. The Hells Angels say he is not a member and they came because he knew them and they were friends. So ....does the Father do drugs?

So.... now his daughter is dead by another young mans' hands and every one makes a big deal over it.
Yes ......she was an innocent girl the young man who did it, was an innocent man.
But one has to sit and think now, why did this happen?
It never should have happened.
Two innocent kids destroyed because of what?
So I am not impressed and neither should anyone else be.
Oh well.
Have a good one.:)


George said...

That Splashtour bus is interesting. It will be interesting to see if those buses show up anywhere else.
Thanks for giving us much to think about in the rest of your post. I must admit I agree with you.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George.
We have a lot of gang wars here in BC Some mayors are saying yes to legalize pot and then opening up a can of worms. People make jokes about politicians but it really is sad because people run for the money and then do nothing to change anything.
It takes a leader to say NO and mean NO.And who is leading this public. They cry when someone dies but then its too cruel to tell them your family member died and you killed him because you support drugs and drinking and driving, and freedom for children when they should always be supervised.
Every one is to blame. Even schools.If we wanted drugs eradicated, they would be. Other places have done it. It's not impossible.Instead the city allows days for drugs and kids to say : We don't see what the fuss is about. We smoked and it does nothing. lol

Gattina said...

That's nice a bus driving in the water ! in Amsterdam as there are so many canals you have to take a boat instead of a bus or a tram. That's funny too to go to work by boat !
You, know you can't change the world anymore. That's life !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - you have to keep trying.
Thats all you can do and hope people listen and give themselves a chance to actually live and not keep swallowing what every one feeds them.
For us...we lived our lives so it doesn't but it does to our children and grand children.

Life 101 said...

It's hard to read the obits each day here. Even though I live in rural Alabama, the local paper carries the names of so many young people who "died in their homes".
This is code for "died of an overdose."
Drugs ar a blight, and the sad thing is, no one knows how to stop it.

A Lady's Life said...

life 101 - The thing is we only hear people talk who want the drugs. It is the silent majority which needs to speak up so our mayors and statesmen hear our voices and the reasons behind why we think drugs are bad.
Then they will feel better about getting voted in in the next election and do something about it.
It is every persons duty to speak up
Drugs kill. There is no such thing as a harmless drug.
Even aspirin gives nose polyps if you take too many pills.
Thats the message we should be sending to people.The only people who should take drugs are those under a doctors supervision and even then you have to be careful.

Diane said...

I so agree with this. Teach them in the homes. Hang onto your kids and give them rules. Fences. they need them. the world needs them. I keep thinking of the parents who said they weren't going to bring their children to church until they learned how to behave. But how are they going to learn if they are not taught! Teach your kids! Now. While they are little. Before they stop listening! thank you for this post. You said it so well! My daughter and her
husby and family are moving to the Island later this year. yikes!
P.S. loved the bus!!!

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - Thanks for your support.
I think parents need to keep in touch and be on top of what their kids do.
Schools don't help these days.
But it's not because they don't want to . Government interferes.
But then the wrong people are going into schools today to target the young minds. They have opinions about things they should know nothing about.
I made Easter cards for kids to stick together for two class rooms and the teacher was not allowed to distribute them to the kids because it was for Easter.
This is not the way it used to be and this is a sign that we are losing our power as Christians in this nation and thats sad. I loved coming to BC to see the Christmas carolers and the christmas trees etc.. but now the same crapola is going on here as in other provinces.Every one has rights except the founders.