Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Orchids, Beautiful and Life.

I love walking by flower shops especially in spring.
This one was exceptional.
I found it at Yaohan on Number 3 Road Richmond.
Orchids are adored in our area and it is a beautiful gift to give a loved one.
Un fortunately my camera doesn't give it justice because I had to take it so the owners didn't see.
They don't particularly like people taking pictures of their store fronts.
Otherwise I would go all out and do some great shots.

Today a lot of care is given to security.
Last night I asked the McDonalds girl if she could throw away a paper cup we bought coffee from at Tim Hortons and she refused saying it was for security reasons .
I had to use the regular disposal can outside in the parking lot.
This never was the case before all this trouble began in the world.

Sometimes I think we need to close all our borders but all it does is punish the people who obey the laws and those who don't obey, find a way to get in anyway.
It's the same with gun control .
You punish the law abiders while the bad guys continue to be the bad guys.
They always find a way. It's always premeditated and the victim is made out to look like the bad guy.

Crime always finds a way and always hurts the innocent because they pay the price

Today we have a video of a taxi cab driver who for some reason was attacked by his customers.
He tried to get away and in the process ran over one of them.
Now he will be charged with a hit and run.
The man he ran over is lucky that the car was small and light but even so, his bones must be broken and he might even end up  a paraplegic as a result, if he lives depending on what part of his body the wheels ran over.
Two wheels were involved; The front and the back

But for me this was self defense. Either the driver gets away in his car or stays and gets beaten to death.
So I guess we will have to wait till they find out the whole story.
It's not easy.

I also have to give kudoos for the Mayor of Surrey, BC, Diane Watts, for refusing to buckle to legalizing marijuana in Surrey. She says these people are attacking the children.
She has a good clear head on her shoulders.
The mayors of other cities who want it legalized must be high and
their good constituents must take a good look at the people they elect to run their business.

The third thing that is impressive to me today is Harley Davidson.
What a group of people they are when it comes to their bikes.
We had a bike washed up on BC shores from the Japanese Tsunami.
They found the owner safe and sound and told him they would fix his bike and send it back to him.
We are expecting a lot of things to show up on our shores and Canadians want to send it all back to Japan because they might have some personal values to the people who lost everything.

Now I have to think about the nuclear disaster they had before the tsunami and how much nuclear stuff and water, comes to our shores on a daily basis.
We are not alone in this world.
What one does affects another.
What happens to one affects another.
This is why we have to fight for peace and love.

Have a good one :)

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George said...

I have trouble understanding how an empty container could be a security threat, but our world seems to get crazier each day. I'm glad to hear that Surrey has a clear-thinking mayor.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Yes Today is a crazy world.
I never understand the logic that two wrongs make a right.
It just doesn't make sense.
The only reason laws would support bad things for me, it would be to get an irresponsible violent society,
which would need a dictatorship to control.
So people have to beware the guys who say yes to everything.

Rob-bear said...

I'm not sure that cannabis is any more or less dangerous than alcohol. That said, cannabis isn't legal in Canada, and probably wont be for a while. Doesn't matter to me.

Good for the Harley folks! A lot of stuff is going to wash up here, and I expect some of it will be radioactive. Minutely radioactive. Of course, it only takes a little bit in the wrong place to kill you.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

A Lady's Life said...

rob bear - I disagree.
Marijuana is often mixed with other things and people always are given more.It is never enough.It is a well known fact that drug addicts all begin with marijuana. Then they feel good and add other stuff to it.
Before long they become addicts which requires a lot of money to fix.
And then society is blamed.
On the one hand they demand rights to do what they want and on the other hand blame society for not taking care of them.
Thanks but I don't want kids around drugs at any time.

Harry said...

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