Friday, September 13, 2013



Ok. Don't tell any one, but the ol guy is watchin the young guy.

The ol guy doesn't think this young guy should be in the circle of trust.

He's a little too toothy and has that sly cocky shady look to him.
So he sent his SDA (spider detective agency) to spin webs in his hair
so it's easier to keep track of him.
Smart choice. When do these detective guys ever comb their hair :0

But just to be on the safe side, that ear ring, is a powerful microchip
and sends signals to the satellite, so nothing escapes them.
They call it the evil seeing eye. It's so evil, when the sun shines, it becomes so brilliant
it's like looking at a real diamond.
(They don't have all the bugs out of it yet. Pray for rain. Except for Colorado)

Now if that don't work, there's that special ink, in the tattoo he's got on his butt.
(Beggers can't be choosers.) He's gotta take them shorts off sometime  and we all know bathrooms are all bugged.

A HA! !! I knew it. He's gone to the can.
Lets see what he's got there.
"I  luv     my    mummy."

I love my mummy???
Is he for real?
He has a mummy?
We must have missed something

Zipidee takes no chances.
 As a secret fellow agent, he fast tracked and recommended a pretend girl friend for the toothy guy
before it's too late.
The ol guy seemed to like the idea.(the ol coot)

Little does Zipidee know the toothy guy is no fool either and has the goods on the ol guy too.
The ol guy needs his glasses and the toothy guy retrofitted them with a double lens video
for double the fun. Unfortunately for him, the ol guy just sits watching. Not much fun.
That girl better be good and marry the toothy guy so he wears the magnetic rings they'll exchange..
It's either that or the old guy has to show his true colors and become
Veronique, to entice the toothy guy to stick around and do the right thing.
 (secret agents are good at this stuff)

But then the toothy guy will probably just turn into a dog.

On second thought......
Ahhhhh ..............NO.
I don't think so.
I sniff, track, bark, bite... but.... no kinky stuff.
Man..............What kind of  circle of trust thing is this anyway?

Moral of the story? Next time you see a sly looking toothy smily guy like this,
retrofited with jewelry and all this hair, know there is an ol guy somewhere
watching him. .........and he might look like Veronique. ..........or a dog.:)
Zipidee says.

Happy Friday and Enjoy your week end.
 Love this dog.
What a face !! hahahahaha


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