Saturday, September 21, 2013

In His Glory

In his glory, I sing a song today
Carrying a tune, I heard the other day
Telling a tale, that was once told long ago
Loving him tenderly, as I know that he loves me.

In his glory I sing, to a child so long ago
Who speaks of love, wherever I go
Who cries for those, who in pain and sorrow walk this shore
I sing a song, he sang once to me.

I walk the walk and I talk the talk
I go fishing in the stream, the lambs come home to drink,
I play in the rainbows and no rain gets me wet
And I pity the poor fella, who lost him in his sleep

In his glory, I sing a song today
Carrying a tune, I heard the other day
Telling a tale, that was once told long ago
To live a life, I was meant to live today.
A Lady's Life

I guess every day is a new day and we are blessed to wake up to see it.

Let the dogs out to a rather chilly morning.
Beau drank water and threw up every where He is not eating his dog food and went into the garbage can yesterday, tipped it over, opened the lid and made a mess.

.He knows where Tanyas' food is and he goes and drinks her water and ate all her dog food in the bag. I keep it separate for her cause he eats and drinks all her stuff. She has to sit and guard it and the moment she is distracted he goes and gobbles it up.
So when I eat, I share people food with her and dog food is for snacks. lol

I think I will put his dog food in her bag and he will find it and eat it. So much competition there from this dog. Since Nugget died he thinks he is the boss now. He barks at noises and then walks away, the coward that he is lol I don't know if you saw the lion king but he's like the lion kings' brother. Very old and

We came home from shopping to a big mess and he was standing wagging his tail, snorting  for more. Nothing goes past him.
Good thing I didn't have much in the garbage can but I did throw some food from the dishes in the  sink and it was covered in soap. This dog doesn't tolerate garlic either.
He will throw it up.
Tanya keeps hunting for the rabbits and it takes her twice the time to pee outside and sometimes she forgets.

I tell ya animals are just like people in so many ways.
When things are not normal in the house the animals are affected by it. They need a schedule.
Well nothing much to say again.
 Just got up and had my coffee 

The news  makes us all  ill.
It is so depressing to listen to, I just shut it off.
Since I did, I feel much better.
Otherwise they keep talking the same thing, all day, every day.

The other day I met a man and he said he stopped working his trade job and began a small bakery business and he is so much happier.
He says he makes pastry and it's all gone by days end and he has no head aches. So I told him I would much rather buy from him than a big store cause I am supporting local jobs and he agreed saying ya we need to all go back to basics. It would save gas from transport too.

Local farms, local butchers, local condiments, cheese, berries. You buy old chedder cheese today and it has no smell and no flavour but when you buy it from the local deli guy who makes it at home, it is always good cheese.

I remember shoe makers had jobs and even made wonderful shoes and boots. Today we buy throw aways from China and they are not even comfortable and make blisters.

I had a pair of good shoes once I would rather have died than replace, so I kept repairing them till my Mom got mad at me and ordered me to throw them away. One day they just disappeared. They were slings,suede with a small heal and I just loved them. Man, did we do a lot of walking together.
It's hard to find a shoe maker today. I only know of two and you have to drive far to get to them.

I think the message hits home for many people. Pays to buy quality from people who take pride in what they do.

I wish you all a Zipidee day
Enjoy the sunshine while you can.


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