Monday, September 9, 2013


Oh how black your eyes have grown
Shading all the love you've known
Hidden behind lengthy lashes
To survive and  to live strong.

Oh how difficult, to find you,
Behind shadows on the wall
Hiding, so no one can can notice
The child in you, as  tear drops fall

And there,  in darkened corners,
Invisible, in the cloak you wear
Locking doors you say you open,
Through deceit and pretence , you're all alone.

Oh how deep and black those eyes are
In a face so pure and bright
Behind smiles that win all hearts now
One by one,  rose petals fall.

Oh black roses in the garden
Watch out for the fallen youth,
To survive, he hides wet tear drops,
He hides, the soul that makes him strong.
A Lady's Life


This poem is mostly about youth growing up too
fast in uncertainty.


Gattina said...

Sounds rather sad !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina so many kids are sad today
Just look into their eyes.
Life teaches them to be pretentious
to be people they are not just to fit in.

Rick Watson said...

I just got a free Kindle book on English poetry. I haven't read enough poetry in my life.
As a singer songwriter, it's imperative that I do, but I just haven't. I plan to fix that.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick sometimes you look at things and words keep rushing in. You jot them down on paper so as not to forget them and suddenly it becomes a poem lol
Then it stops.