Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eau de Vie On Wellbrook Farm

Wellbrook Farm

We visited a blue berry farm which made wine.
It is located in Delta, BC
The owner is from South Africa. Lovely lady.
And who should we meet there but people from Quebec.
These Quebecers sure love their wine. lol

This wine, made from blue berries, tastes and smells sooooooo nice.
I couldn't resist buying the blueberry/ cranberry one and the blue berry one.
The raspberry is for chocolates, ice cream, cakes. It also tastes wonderful.
She said you can keep this wine for 2 years and drink it chilled.

It's a pretty nice farm and people come every day
to collect berries in their fields. I don't think you can buy wine like this
in stores. I almost hate to drink it now that it is home lol
I will wait for my son to get home so he can have a taste.

These llamas are my new friends. The beige one spat at my husband.
No account for taste. lol
 Then he followed him so my husband could get a few good shots of him.
They are such beautiful creatures with huge brown eyes and long eyelashes.
They knew we were strangers and behaved accordingly.
I would have loved to hug one if they would have let me.
Too bad we can't keep them as pets.

The Proposition

A Sinner is someone who knows God
and a priest is one who is in search of him.
Beautiful story.


Sandy Carlson said...

That looks like a totally wonderful place. Thanks for promoting it and for supporting it!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh ya Sandy . It was a nice place esp for tourists to visit with kids.
Kids love blue berries and they also love animals.