Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today Is Yours To Shape.

Morgan Freeman does a wonderful job here explaining  parallel worlds.
We are our experiences and if our experiences are good then the world we live in is good
If our experiences are bad then the world we live in is bad.

It all makes sense from a Biblical perspective too as the Bible always says to be good
for how do you know how the physical energy you possess will not affect the final outcome?
People are confused asking about existence of truth and lies. Well truth and lies exist on a myopic scale
as we understand them to be. They make a difference only in how they affect our conscience or how
we become desensitized to a conscience. On the grand universal scale we are dealing with something totally other an this we will never understand.

Another question was so who am I if I am in many places?
Well you are you and your experiences.
You can be you, as a changed person, because of different experiences.
Even in todays' world you can take 5 people of you and let them live different lives
and the changes will be seen.
But basically if you take 5 of you and raise them with say a constant "God ".
then the scale tips towards God  goodness and white light.
The further away you are from the constant, the less of good and white light will be seen.

You get lost and everything becomes a joke and fault lies with every one except you.
Then you go to government and force them to change God goodness and white light to your way of thinking
and your thinking has no value because you are not educated to make a judgement decision.

Education, philosophy math and science is what turns the mind into a powerful thinking machine
 able to out think the bad, and to see it as bad and wrong and this is why education is important.
and the Bible and God are not  nonsensical things.

Otherwise an untrained mind will never see or understand truth and will fight against it
causing harm to many people.
They don't accept the word NO so doors may open unto them.

I found this to be an inspiring video. Hope you watch it.

Have a Zipidee Day!!!

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