Monday, September 16, 2013

Nutty Cancer.

This is a blog about a little girl suffering from Cancer.
I found one of the comments interesting which explained how a cancer cure
could happen. Cancer is a virus and one that doesn't even require
oxygen to survive. It is important though to keep ones immune system strong
to fight it.
It's hard to fight when the system is weak and eventually people give up
just when they need to stay strong.
This is where you separate the men from the boys as they say.
This is when the real fight begins.

I have a blogger Westra going through this battle right now and her story
 breaks my heart, (as do many others)
so I keep reading and looking to see if I can come across anything which might help her.
Sometimes things pop out at you and a comment here did.
Doesn't hurt to try if it can help. It might not, but a boosted immune system sure
sounds good to me.
My grand mother kept herself alive for a long time with cabbage garlic walnuts and onions.
(and a little Port)lol
She got her first colon cancer at 45 and died just a month short of 90.
This commentator said what I always believed in my heart so reading it doesn't hurt.
There was one commentator who didn't believe this but others following him said
offering hope is a good thing. You just never know.
Always pays to knock on doors and ask.

Have yourself a great Zipidee day!!!

One of my other bloggers wrote a most beautiful post on |Jewels.)



Gattina said...

So much money is spent to go to the moon or mars or whatever, but no money is left for cancer researches, that's a shame that no medication has been found yet in our century !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina actually there is a cure for
cancer. They just push medicine because thats where the business is.