Saturday, September 14, 2013

In Todays' World

God's most lordly gift to man
is decency of mind and
hope instead of despair.
This morning I woke up early to a screeching black bird.
It would not stop so I got up to see what was the matter.
The dogs went out as well as this was most disconcerting for them.

It went on for a while longer and stopped when the dogs went outside to pee.
What ever was out there must have  moved on.
Something comes every day  to raid my tomato plants .
It ate three ripe tomatoes before I got to them.
I would love to catch it in the act. I know as long as that black bird is out there, all I have to do is pay
attention to it and it will tell me when something is trying to enter the yard.

So then I looked over my plants and got them closer to the door to take inside.
Have to think about finding a long narrow table to put them on where they
 can receive some sunlight.This way it will also be convenient to water them all at the same time and place with out forgetting one.

I also ate a  leaf from my oregano plant. Every leaf tastes so fresh and the oil from it
remains in your mouth the whole day.As it is an antibacterial plant I think being able to pluck
a leaf or two a day is good for you.

Well then I decided to make the coffee, boil some eggs for my beloved and watched a movie while
busying myself with more crochet flowers. I have three colors now. I need to make 12 more of the red ones.
Then I will try to find two more colors and make 32 flowers each of these before turning them into squares
to attach together for an afghan.or small blanky.
G. Galloway on you tube, speaks of an unspeakable conspiracy going on right now between Obama /Al Quaeda etc... Another video shows Galloway destroying a Jewish guy, saying Britain had no right to give  Israel to the Jews. Britain was part of the UN. It was not her decision.
 The thing is, The Jews and the Arabs lived in this area
for ever. I don't think you can say one or the other owned this part of the world and if it wasn't for radical groups stirring up trouble, they would be living together nicely to this day.
Personally I feel Israel should be International.
Every one has an interest to go there to see history, to pray and seek answers.

If you want to support a people to  get them a country  , I would rather you support a people more friendly to the world,
that doesn't cut off hands and feet and imposes sharia law, stones,and buys and sells blonde women
 and children they steal for sex, which they do up until today.This is unforgivable in todays' world and the religion demands conforming to these ideas as no one but a muslim is considered human.The rest can either die or become slaves.

Islam is full of unspeakable atrocities and they do everything under cover of the mob and refuse  to stop.

I will never forget the time in Iraq when they burned and hanged the body of a US soldier and then dragged his charred body through the street.It left a lasting impression. It is hard to feel compassion for any people who could do something like this to anyone today, when so many countries have to obey international laws on humanity.It basically degrades any legitimacy in this religion because of what it is capable of doing.

 I got off the plane in Kuwait to walk up a cold empty mousoleam hallway
to pee in a hole in the floor at the other end and walk back, and I was scared they would find a reason I couldn't board the plane again by the way the soldiers and border inspectors leered at me.
I was with my son and husband and this Italian ship captain, who told me not to get off and
stupid me said, what can happen?
 So he got off too to make sure to go with us, risking his own safety.

We were surrounded by goonish, cigarrette smoking soldiers with machine guns who were standing there
looking for trouble and they took my purse apart which was full of crackers because my son was sleeping through meals and so I wanted to have a few things for when he got up. Traveling with kids is never easy and you always end up being the bag

 Why they land planes in dangerous, unfriendly places and why the captain of the plane allowed people to get off, I will never know to this day. Just to think they could have used me to create an International incident still leaves me with shudders. I would have had to say good bye to my family that day because they would have had their fun and it would have resulted in my demise. That day I could say my Christian God was with me.
An angel sat on my shoulder and told these guys, don't even go there.
Every one stood so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

You will never convince me today, that giving Jews a home was a mistake.
I remember kids from Canada, went to build this country during their summer vacations and turned desert land into land that could be cultivated and enjoyed not only by the Jews but by the world.

 The Jews never said Arabs were not welcome.The UN just said the country was going to be called Israel and it was the Arabs who refused to accept this.

We need to accept that good people, one day, made the right decision.

 In history, Israel is not the only country that came to be this way. With Muslims it is their way or no way.
Living in their world, is a step back.

This Galloway fella lost his labor party and might have a beef with England, so everything he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. In a sense the Arabs have never stopped fighting. They look for any reason to fight
forming groups, who also go into other countries to kill, maim and in still fear into defence less victims especially children.
Makes Islam sound more like Islam is fear and intolerance, rather than Islam is Peace.

In University we had Arabic foreign students and they were always upset and angry or kept laughing like someone from an insane asylum. I made friends with a lovely girl who ended up being an Arabic Princess
She told me many things of what went on there and how Arabs feared Arabs. Now that I think about it, she probably wanted to escape too and wasn't too comfortable living under such terrible restrictions and conditions.
For obvious reasons I will not mention from which country she came from.

Have a Zipidee day and remember One doesn't have to live a life in confusion and despair .
One can overshadow darkness with the light,just as rays of sunshine do through darks clouds.


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