Thursday, September 12, 2013


mmmmm I don't know. Doesn't change diapers????

Who cares about germs eh?

CNN was discussing the Duma passing anti gay laws and
even to take their children away.
After Glastnost, families lost government support.
Parents don't have jobs, no money for food, and even to pay the rent is hard to do.
So alcoholic parents beat the kids and they run away.
(BY the way, they were also a country of 110 proof vodka and a lot of it.
Now they also passed laws to curb vodka sales that but no one reports this)
The government can't catch the kids and when they do, they run away.
They live by theft and trickery and even the odd job when they can find one
They seem to be nice kids from what we see on the net.
These kids are preyed upon on the street by
gay pedophiles.

CNN is interviewing the wrong people
Talk to the kids. Nice kids, and lost in a world they don't understand
and fear.
So for whatever reason Putin is passing these laws, I am sure Russian
social services has something to do with it.
I am not a fan of KGB but sometimes you have to ask better questions and talk
to the people who know the truth and not gay activists who are part of the problem.
Rather naughty of CNN.
Also when Putin says we are born equal, Yes, we are. We are a human race.
Just people.
We separate ourselves and create differences.
People are not born Catholic Jews Arabs black French , gay......
Society grabs them and begins to teach them who they are.

God just created a "human" race.

It's no different than us creating robots and calling it a robot race.
Then robots learn, receive input and begin to differentiate
through life experiences. If the experiences are good, then the robots are good.
If the experiences are bad, the robots become bad.

Today we went shopping. My husband finally is well enough to get out of bed but he is weak,
so he told me, you better drive. The streets were full of the worst drivers, obeying no street laws or speed limits. In between them is the public. Today we have a lot of hit and runs. People don't stop.
Why? Well the answer should be obvious. They are either on drugs or drunk.
We got to the parking lot. Managed to park the car, did the shopping. My husband got a haircut
and as he was loading the car, a woman banged a car and drove off almost hitting another car and pedestrians. The owner of the hit car got her license plate number and she saw my husband saw what happened and asked him for his contact number as a witness. I am sure the police and insurance will call.
They did last time when I was a witness to an accident.

Today people run over people in their cars and don't stop.

No one sees anything wrong with this picture?
No message sent here, as to why this happens?

Well Zipidee is the wrong goat to ask. He can't decide which person he should hire,
the doctor or the governess for his kids.



rhymeswithplague said...

Hi, Lady. I haven't stopped by your blog in a long time and thought it was about time. Good post! Althugh I had no idea "hit and run" accidents were so common where you live. (Is it Vancouver? Whistler? I forget.)

A Lady's Life said...

Yes.BC. On Main streets. People believe marijuana should be legalized.
Just the other day a drug house with 18 was arrested. The police work very hard here in BC. New people means new gangs form. When you go shopping there is always someone who asks if they can put away your cart because it has a looney in it. It is against the law to beg for money.
We used to have a lot of car thefts until they put out bait cars.
I hate to be talking about God all the time but things have changed so much since people stopped believing.Social activities language behavior and why if our aim is to create a better society?