Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obedience, a Mother of Success

Every year I look forward to driving cross country.
Lately I haven't been doing it due to the gas prices.

I go through the same towns, stop at the same hotels,
eat in the same restaurants and Tim Hortons is glad to supply you
with a large thermos of coffee, for the price of a cup.
I love that place.

Being able to do things like this, allows one to see change.
Some places change a lot but it is the same every year.
Some farmers fields are flooded ,with people riding motor boats over it in spring
and coming back, you see these lush fields ready to be harvested and you wonder
how time flew so fast.

Some places police are everywhere looking for drugs especially camp grounds.Once
they looked at my tired sun struck, red eyes, and thought I was one of these people and said:
We'll get you next time lol
I told them good naturely : Good Luck. lol
Then they see  that the car is from out of town....Way out of town, packed and full of kids and dogs.

You go through towns where you know a policeman will stand waiting for cars to go 5 km over the
30kmph speed limit at 6 am (speed trap) and yup sure enough. There he is, still sitting

And then you know where it is safe to follow the big daddies as they pick up speed but they go so fast they disappear from sight quite quickly. It always impresses you. In these area you see moose lying belly up by road sides with half of their rib cages ripped off. Easy to know what happened.

You know where the best sunsets are and the best sun rises, where the fields are covered in clover and sunflowers. You know where the ground hogs and coyotes sit together watching the cows.You know where the best souvenirs and honey are. You know bear country and you always see one brave one crossing the highway.
You see the same people and you always leave breathing deep, knowing and loving your country.

You feel the words true north strong and free an exhilarating experience.

But sadness overcomes you seeing towns change from towns of trust, into towns of suspicion.

You pass through many places full of whispering pines and stop at one of them where absolutely
nothing changes ever, for over 40 years plus. No one locks any doors in such God fearing, sleepy communities.
You find the same bed, mattress, cups,pots,fridge, old fashioned stove, curtains .Same old Swiss designed saunas, same calm lake which looks more like an ocean, wide and clear.

It's as though you have always lived here and  never left and the owners are friendly, inviting, as though
they have known you since the day you were born.

I remember the streets I lived on, which had the same kind of feeling but with new people coming in all the time, things change, locks go up and people stop trusting and talking.
What's the point?

Ottawa, used to be one our most favourite places to stop, so I always want to do it for the kids to see where our Prime Minister works and where it all happens.
We'd always go to see the tulips in Spring and skate on the Rideau Canal in winter.
It was always such a friendly, polite place and made you feel honored to be a Canadian.

All this has changed since we brought in so many new immigrants who only want to complain, demonstrate, provoke unrest and war. They ran away so as not to die and now they want some one else to die in their place, IN THEIR COUNTRY.

The RCMP used to be nice, much nicer than local police forces and yet now they became firm, unfriendly and trust no one . You see distinctly, the difference between when a Christian God of freedom was in charge, and today when man thinks he can replace him.

The old poets and their words of wisdom are now forgotten. Kids do not relate any more to the old
books as so many new ones have popped up, as well as Kindle, computer games and iphones which take up most of their time centered mostly on Things like morals ethics and values are trampled on.
In fact, if you have any, this is where you get bullied, pushed and threatened. City streets have become unsafe.

But ............I still like the feel of an old book.It takes you back and introduces you to the old world as it was so its not forgotten.
 I like the coziness of being able to sit with your child on a couch, covered by a hand made blanket, hugging and sharing the pages of a book, knowing words and pictures which
mean a great deal to inquisitive eyes.
It was a nourishing, quiet, calm, experience, which developed a kind and  loving human being.
The library experience is in itself a positive thing. Kids love to touch all these books and there is always someone there  for story time.

One could say yes Obedience is a Mother of Success as long as rights exist to question it ,so learning takes place.
Obedience promotes safety and nourishes relationships with those who love you.
Obedience to the 10 Commandments, simplifies your life so there is less to worry about and more to love.

Oh............and as you can see, my strawberries are still flowering in September.

Happy Sunday.


Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Sandy Just regular stuff lol