Sunday, September 22, 2013

And they Die...

This is an interesting thing to know, one never thinks about but we have plenty of bones at home.
We don't really need antlers or tusks to create beautiful objets d'arts.

With a few simple tools, anyone can cut them and carve them into anything they like.
This person made an awl, another video showed jewelry and even inlays for various things.
I showed an awl since I am into survival things right now. It would make a nice needle and can be sharpened on a rock.

I woke up very early this morning . Around 4 am.
I made the coffee, began a new croc pot of soup with fish potatoes
onion , garlic and peas. It should be ready by 2 pm.
Let the dogs out.
Then went back to bed only to be woken up by tremendous rain falling down, which didn't last long, and then party people came outside hootin and hoolerin and laughing, having a great time without a care in the world people were still sleeping at 5 am. It lasted 10 minutes.I am sure the neighbours across the street from them, must have loved it. lol

It didn't take me long to curl up and doze off again, once all the excitement was over. They stay away from my house cause they see I take pictures which is what the police said to do and to give them to them. Easy with internet. I have to do it cause they park, and then leave their garbage behind.
So why don't they do it in front of their house?
They stopped coming here.
This is the  only safe way to do neighbourhood watch since they don't know you are doing it, unless you show them and then they get the idea real quick lol

. Cars, license plates, faces. If they do it once, they will a second and third time and one day they will be caught doing the wrong thing once police know who to look for.They love quiet green spaces to buy and sell drugs and then we have to look at them sleeping in the middle of city streets, too high to know the difference.

Yesterday, when shopping, there were people walking around the parking lot asking people to take their carts back, so they could take a looney from the cart.
The same guy who comes to us was looking more ragged and he seemed high on drugs.
We see so much of this and one day they will begin attacking people as they unload groceries.

There is one frail old East Indian woman with a bad leg, who begs for money, saying if she goes back home with nothing, her son will beat her. Many times I wanted to call police to take her to social services so she could be helped. Instead, I just reported her to the store. I am a sucker and always give because you never know. It might just be a person going through hard luck and will get back on his feet. At least you pray it does.

At the Brick  we see many ladies of the night walking around. You know because they are all
pricked up, scratched, bruised, torn up a bit. They hang in small groups around cheap stores to buy food coffee and bandages. There is just no excuse for them to be in such  a condition but again drugs and alcohol
are to blame.
Thing is they like how they live and don't want to change. They hate everything about the 10 Commandments.
Sometimes they preach about God a lot to make people feel guilty so they give.
They hate the system which protects them and gives them social welfare and their numbers are growing
cause we see them on the street. Bad language spills over as this is a normal way to speak.

You chase them from one place, they go to another.
 Young people raised in a free society, where parents have no right to raise them properly , get lost and are intolerant to the word NO which every one has to live under. Schools have problems with these kids cause they don't study.

There is no such thing as a free society, especially when you have a job. Boss says no. So it's no.
Driving laws exist which say no, but people don't like that word and prefer doing harm to others.

Under the word of God and the 10 Commandments they would learn NO early in life which would make it easier on them. Instead...... they run away from home and begin a life on the street thinking they are smart
to beat the system. The only thing they do is outsmart themselves.

There was one street person they found dead , with a million dollars in a back pack.
Eventually these people's soul dies and they find them when it is too late. They refused to obey society's laws but then the law of nature took over and no one can say no to Mother Nature.

Until people understand that the word NO exists, right and wrong exist, good and bad exist, they will keep fighting a losing battle.
The young are susceptible to their pressure groups. They are always available in malls,
libraries, drug stores, parties and they are the first to tell the kids go for it. I would.
Listen, it's ok.  Parents have a thing called a job so they are never there to see it or stop it.
Even if they are, a child with a video phone in a bathroom pretending to take a bath, does other things which gets onto the net and then we have to listen to stories about bullying and suicide.
Under God's teachings, such things would not happen.

Freedom is what it's all about but everything in life has limits, including freedom.
Since kids are not always good at making judgement decisions and parents are always the bad guys, they go for it. They buy into it, without understanding what they are buying....
And they die.....

Have a Zipidee day
May God Bless.

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