Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zipidee Survival

When I was a kid I got a kick out of the old french people. They were so much fun to be around
and always had their own way of doing things.
They were survivors and you could smell the couriers de bois
blood in them.

I could relate to this young man so  I put his you tube - Hobo stove on my blog.
It requires a big tomato can or coffee can.

I always think about survival and kits, to keep a bag ready for such an occasion to just pick up and run.
However it is always spoiled cause people know I have it and raid it.
This is how you lose your independence,
Your way of life
Your way of thinking,
 when irresponsible people surround you,who laugh at you for being a little crazy, and who don't care but are the first to cry when they are stuck and are totally unprepared to know what to do next, to survive.

A survival kit doesn't take up much space in a car but it is always there to pick up fast and run.
Living in an earthquake prone zone where anything can happen, any time who knows?
If it can't help you, it might some one else.

Having a hobo stove is always a good idea. You can fill it with things in a back pack
and top it off with a small pot you don't use at home or empty pop cans you can fill with things like:

fishing hooks vaseline fishing line sinker chlorine tablets for water purification, matches lighter sulfur powder
pain killers,allergy ointment, bandages,cotton, alcohol, salt and sugar for dehydration razor blades,mirror, alcohol, magnifying glass,knife big trash bag for shelter and small one for water collection, scissors, 20 meter parachute rope,lint.needle and thread,duct tape,
forks spoons knives.soap toilet paper.candles.vitamins.
Add a few metal skewers and you can boil anything and have all these other things with you too to help you survive a few days.
The tops from metal cans you can cut zig zag and they make for great tips for spear fishing and also as cutting tools.

Before you leave make sure to add plastic zip lock bags of some dry food like noodles,porridge, rice, lipton soup,tea, coffee granola bars in zip lock bags and a tarp and always keep blankets in the car and a small tent.It all helps for a quick get away if tragedy strikes.
I don't keep batteries cause they spoil over time but a solar lamp would  be great.or solar panels on a back pack you wear with connections to a light bulb or something else.

Making toys like dolls filled with rice and beans your kids can play with is good too.
Nothing like an edible doll your kid loves to carry. lol
Keeping feet warm, so socks are important.
Could make for nice little worm dolls.and black gloves can turn into stuffed spiders lol
Even child size can be used to keep hands warm.
These are basic survival things to have and keep together in a container or back pack.
Remember, you need at least 7 days for help to reach you and during that time you need to stay strong and warm.

Have a Zipidee day folks



George said...

You've given us some great ideas. When I lived on the east coast we had a kit in each car to be ready if we got an evacuation order because of hurricanes.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes GeorgeI always had one becayse men never think about things until its too lateand then the kids took over the car and my stuff was either used or thrown out lol