Monday, September 9, 2013

The Arena

I love Saxaphone I am sure World man will enjoy
Wherever he is in Jordan.
In the arena, people cheered
Proper audience, to actors on the field
Proper music, to deafen ears
In the arena, people cheered

In the arena, people booed
They threw the apples, eggs and shoes
They jumped o'er rails, oh riot rang!
In the arena, people booed.

In life the days, they come and go
One day you cheer, one day you boo
One day you die, to live a new
In lifes' arena, not all's about you.

In lifes' arena you make a stand
You mostly sit and wring your hands,
You mostly chew a lip or two
As life goes on, by passing you.

When crowds go home
You step inside, this arena
So grand and wide
So deafening, your ears do ring
 A true actor on the field

And smiling, bend low on hallowed ground,
Knowing that you won the crowd,
The ghosts of time, are there to see
In this arena, they all , know  me.
A Lady's Life

We all stand in special arenas. Some perform better than others but it doesn't
 mean we can't all play.


Rick Watson said...

Wow! That kid was awesome. I love the sax player that was with Bruce Springsteen.

A Lady's Life said...

Ya me too Rick. I love sax. I have one but no one wants to play it.
My son used it in school.