Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now It May Be Slow but Nice.

If only the batteries would last and more places existed  to charge up.
You need no license, just a brain to drive it.
You need no gas but would be nice if you could depend on the little machine
with a small tank of it like for a lawn mower engine or maybe solar panels on the trailer
to keep the battery always charged.

I can see retired people having a caravan like this moving from neighbour hood
to neighbour hood in summer
taking a nap when ever they feel like it by a lake or even having a spouse in the trailer.
Grand children would love a ride to the local park or store or for picnics.
Grocery shopping would be fun as well.
Bicycle lanes would be great for them.

These things don't do well on slopes. Just not enough juice to power it.
I see many struggling up hill so probably this is where you get major battery drain.

I am not sure why they don't allow golf carts on city streets.
 If they did more people would drive them I am sure.
They are so much fun to drive.

We have an electric motorcycle but never use it.
You need to wear a helmet and police always stop you saying you need a license but the law says as long as it has pedals it's legal to drive on city streets without one.

Well we bought it for my son to drive to the local park for soccer and I guess he had a run in with police and lost interest. Plus the bike is faster. lol
He won't let me drive it saying I won't be able to even though I drove a scooter 9 months with him till he was born.
He was cycling, even before he was born which is probably why he is such a good athlete today. lol

Our family is all about running and cycling My Dad was a fast short distance runner.
My husband can run for miles and his Dad did the Tour de France.
I am a swimmer. Water never frightened me.
Sometimes I wish I had gills cause it is so nice under there.

Have a great day

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