Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Kors Look

Michael Kor had this crochet outfit I loved. Wish I could make one but it would take too long.
Fabric trade shows require an invite and then there is such a long process between then, to when you have your collection of clothes to show on the runway and then to sell to the public.
Then I wonder about the people like me,
who only need a bit of fabric to create that one special dress.
No wonder the prices sky rocket.

Kors outfits sell at Macys and I can understand why. Some of his stuff is gorgeous!!

I think designing material for the companies who make them, is a much nicer job than trying
to run around buying them.
I think this is a job which will always be in style.

Pakart Alaska seems to have a real talent here.

Clothes are lovely to design but then you need  place to wear them too.

Have a great day!!


♥ vendy ♥ said...

love MK at all
happy day

The simple life of rich people blog

Rick Watson said...

My wife Jilda is into fashion. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Atlanta. She lusts after the Fall Vogue because all the latest fashions are there.

A Lady's Life said...

So do I. I also love sewing clothes

A Lady's Life said...

How cool is that Rick. Hope she does something with it.
I love Vogue as well. So much fun to design your own stuff though and home made sewing is always better than store bought which is mass produced.If I had a little girl I'd go wild lol

Sandy Carlson said...

My grandmother was a great one for checking out what Macy's had to offer and then buying the fabric of her choice and making it live for her. I admire your talent!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I love to sew at home because my stitching is better, stronger.The seams will never tear like they do in store bought clothing.
Also I can use the colors I want.
But today I have no where to go to warrant sewing, no young ladies to pamper, like the beautiful young lady you have.:).So for the things I do buy, I can't sew them for that low a price.
My Grand mother also loved vogue and she would copy the designs.They were different people back then.