Thursday, February 9, 2012

Different Palettes.

I first tasted fish burgers in Hawaii made out of mahi mahi fish.
They were delicious.

Lately I have been trying to make some thing different because the same is always boring.

I didn't have mahi mahi fish, but it looks something like the fish below. lol made much smaller.
What I did have was bass fillets so I put them in a batter made up of flour, bread crumbs, pinch of salt,baking soda , 1 egg, and water made to the consistency of blintzi batter.
I dipped the fish into this and fried them They came out truly wonderful. We ate . The leftovers went into sandwiches with left over cous cous salad and boy were they good.!!
I think even steamed fillets of bass would make great sandwiches for dieters.

Then my husband who loves tahina took a few spoonfuls and mixed it with mollasses.
When he got the consistency and flavour he wanted, he put some on bread and to my surprise it truly tasted like nutella.
Tahina is just plain mashed sesame seeds. We use it to make humous. Nothing like home made humous. We add a lot of garlic to it and it's great with salads and bread.

Then we got some large pork chops.
Instead of frying it in a pan I cut them into rib like pieces. Then I covered them with honey, garlic, soy,hot sauce.......added a few cups of water in a baking pan and put it in on 350 degrees.
The result was the best pork ribs ever except without the bones and mess.
The meat was so tender and I got a lot of compliments on it.

I like cooking with soy especially with left over rice and noodles.
I fry onions and garlic then I put them into a dish of noodles or rice.
I add a bit of soy and a handful of frozen veggies and put them into the micro for 3 minutes.I added some soup juice from another pot I was cooking.
This makes for great left over lunches and snacks.
With my hungry guys who come in and want everything yesterday, its convenient to have leftovers.

Today I chopped up some of yesterdays' unused defrosted pork and fried it with garlic and onions.
I added the eggplant , tomato, broccoli, with two cups water, soy hot sauce.
I let it steam and the juice was great for the above macaroni dish and it's making a great dish for supper tonight. Now I have to decide if its to be eaten with rice, noodles or baked potato with
sour cream. With my guys they will want either rice of noodles.

I also love making Russian Caviar from eggplants.
You bake an eggplant. Then skin it. The insides you chop up and put into a pan with some olive oil. You add chopped tomatoes,shredded carrots chopped onions and garlic.
You steam all the ingredients adding black pepper , lemon juice and whatever else you'd like as spices for flavour.

The result is everything melting into each other and you end up with a spread that is good to eat cold with bread or crackers or as a condiment with a meat dish.
I love this spread and can't get enough of it. It's also very healthy.
My Mom used to make tons of it since she had a garden and then put it into jars.
We had enough for the whole winter, to eat every day.
As you can see Garlic and onions are my favorite ingredients.
Without them it's just not food.

It's amazing how the same products can be changed just by using different spices.

Lately I love cayenne and paprika for health reasons.
I also use cloves and cinnamon a lot for the same reason.

Of course if you love real caviar, all that is , is taking fish eggs and putting some salt over them for a few days.
Then you can take a round loaf of bread cut off the top part, pull out the interior bread to put on the side, mix the eggs in sour creme which you then fill the empty cavity of the bread with.
Then you dip bread into the sour creme and caviar or use a spoon to put some into a plate which then you dip your bread or cracker in.
Some people don't like fish eggs but I love them.
I also like fresh fish eggs fried, like regular eggs. They taste so good.

The third thing I had a craving for was French onion soup. Good ol fashioned onion bouillon in a bowl with toast and covered with cheese baked in the oven.


Well now I am hungry lol
Have a good day!
A Newfie went into a Japanese store and bought himself some magic glasses.

When you put them on you see people in the nude.

He enjoyed wearing them taking them on and off to see how people changed from clothed to nude.

Clothed .....nude
clothed ...... nude

He walked into his house wearing them and saw his wife and her companion sitting on the
divan nude.
He took off his glasses and they were still nude.
He put on his glasses they were nude, he took them off and they were nude.

He got mad and threw the glasses into the garbage saying :
Piece of junk. They didn't even work for a day.
and walked out



Lydia Kang said...

Oh lord, my stomach is seriously grumbling now...

That russian caviar looks so good!

George said...

I've never had Mahi Mahi burgers, but they sound delicious, as does the way you fixed the bass. I also usually make 'boneless' ribs as you did.

Thanks for the smiles to start the weekend.

Akelamalu said...

It all sounds SO good!

Diana said...

That was a great joke! All your food sounds so good, I love Mahi Mahi.
I like to marinate my pork chops in Teriyaki for several hours then grill slowly. I won't eat them any other way since I've done this. When my daughter visits home, it's one of the most requested foods!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - my son loves beef jerky so I make a point of it to cut it in thin pieces and marinate the pieces in teriyaki and then dry it overnight
in the oven om 200 degrees.

A Lady's Life said...

George - I think this way beats hands down over the regular ribs.

A Lady's Life said...

Lydia - there is nothing like it
I just love it.

Gattina said...

The most luxury hamburger I ever ate in my life was a lobster burger (!!) in Cape Cod ! It was the cheapest hamburger ! I can tell you I ate quiet a few.
In all European countries we have homeless people, especially in big cities. It just happens.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Delicious .. love the thought of these recipes ... just had some hummous and apple for breakfast?! With a large glass of water .... Fish burgers do sound good .. I try anything - not v good with bread ..

but these thoughts sound very tasty - cheers for now ... Hilary