Friday, February 3, 2012

Rocky Mountain Cliff

A growling Cougar stood its' ground
His piercing eye was focused on
A man who sat by fires' heat
By Rocky Mountains' frozen cliff

The snow had covered up his nose
The lean of winter at his feet
He licked his chops as smell of meat
Rose to his nostrils full and sweet

The smell of blood turned in his gut
He watched for a chance to leap
But all he did was pace to and fro
A caged animal by all who know.

What mannerism we assert
When caged by limits
Our senses hurt
Then we risk our lives to end
The pain and suffering of living.

He focused closer on the man
Who stood and threw the cat a bone
It was so full for one so lean and
Pacified what hurt inside

Once satisfied the Cougar left
Tomorrow he will find a path
He'll stock another prey at will
Close to the Rocky Mountain Cliff.
A Lady's Life.


Rob-bear said...

The pain and suffering of living. Yeah; lots of us have been there.

But like the cougar, we get by with a little help from our friends.

A Lady's Life said...

So true Rob Bear :)