Monday, February 20, 2012


This is an old melody I used to listen to .
It was about this woman trying to sell her bagels. I think the woman singing should have been younger, for the song to make sense but what ever lol.

She asked for people to take pity on her because her Dad was a drunk, her mother a whore and her sister a street walker and she was herself a smoker trying to earn an honest living.
So bring your rubles for a hot bagel for tea,She'd sing.

I can picture someone doing this during or after bad times when jobs are hard to come by.I watched the World War 2 series last night and gosh was it ever a stinking war. So many people died and Europe was completely destroyed.
All this for nothing because of a few insane and stupid men. I learned that Hitler had Parkinsons in the end. Goebbels' his propoganda Minister, had 6 beautiful children. His wife killed them all when they lost the war and then they killed themselves and Hitler shot himself in the head.

After telling her story, I would be wondering where these bublichki came from lol
I can see them being steamed out on the street like the peddler does with his hot dogs and chestnuts on the streets of New York city but then I don't think this happened back then.

From this script she shows that it is not only bagels she is selling under her cape.

Rick Mercer showed some very cute baby bears
I loved this video


Mama Zen said...

The baby bears are so cute!

A Lady's Life said...

you just want to hug em:) too bad they grow up lol

Rob-bear said...

Actually, even when we Bears grow up, we're still cute! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Bears get such a bad rap from some people; if we were Human, we could probably sue for libel or slander.)

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Well even the Mother seemed ok with the people being there.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. a very strong song - interesting to hear it - thank you .. Hilary

Diane said...

You always find the most fun stuff, LL! thank you for sharing! Now I want a baby bear! There is the cutest poster out on the internet right now. It is Teddy Bears: Protecting innocent children from monsters under the bed since 1903. SO CUTE!

A Lady's Life said...

Always a good idea to get thosde monsters from out from under the bed lol