Monday, February 27, 2012

A Waves' Kiss

A Waves' Kiss almost drowned me
I sputtered and rolled with it
Till it spit me out to dry
Onto the shore,
A rolling stone, for you to find.
As I opened my sand filled eyes
I was held in tender arms and heart
Asking me to stay alive.

Every day I walk along the beach
Beseeching Neptune,
To bring you back but he brought more waves
glistening in the sunlight, as if they were the answer
to my broken heart.

Your tender lips revived me
As they breathed air into my soul
But then you went and left me
for others to console.
And now I walk deranged
Awakened by new life
Lovestruck and forgotten by
my savior's guiding light.

Some days, I think I see you swimming
Far out in the waves
Your kisses so disarming
Unlike the kisses from the wave.
One day I hope that Neptune,
Rolls you out to me.
Till then I'll keep our love safe and
Close to shore,
For you to see.

A Lady's Life.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady, I truly love this. It so speaks to my spirit. You are indeed a treasure.

I love when I visit you and there's an unknown serendipty with my name on it.

I read the first sentence over and over again. Stayed there in memories of past...

Love and warm hugs always,

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you butterfly :)