Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cutting Edge.

These two swords are part of my over seas collection
They are huge maybe 6 feet tall.
Here they are inside a leather casing at the bottom of which are wheels to roll them with.

They are too heavy to carry let alone fight with
So I assume the fighters using them, had to be very powerful men.

They have rings I believe, so they may have a rope put through them , enabling the sword to be slung over the shoulder.
I don't have any more info about them but I really like them :)

Here is another shot of them
The sword being pulled out of the casing

The sword with an inscription I can't tell what language its in

The handle with a metal ring

the ring

The wheels at the bottom of the leather casing enabling the sword to be wheeled on the ground instead of carried.

The top handles of the swords . You see the locking device at the top, keeping the sword inside so it doesn't slide out for no reason.
There is a metal piece on top either for hanging or for the rope or both.

I couldn't resist getting them because I couldn't believe how heavy they were and even today to take the sword out of the casing is not for the frail and weak.
You need muscle.

Makes me think I better hit the gym again lol

Have a good one.


George said...

Wow! I've never seen swords like this before. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a swordsman from that era. I'm not sure I could hold the things, but they sure are interesting.

A Lady's Life said...

George - I tried finding this sword on line but so far couldn't find any in cases with wheels.

Gattina said...

These swords must be very old and are probably of Japonese origin when I see the letters. You should take them to a specialist in antiques, to me they look very valuable !

A Lady's Life said...

I don't know Gattina I only know they are old and heavy

Russell said...

Very interesting. You definitely have some valuable swords. They are beautiful and truly an heirloom.

I just hope you don't get upset with someone when you are close to those weapons ...!! You could make short work of an argument with those! Heh!

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Russel I'd be happy to be able to get them out of the sheath lol They are heavy I don't know how people can use them to fight with You have to be pretty powerful.I am not a fighter lol

A Lady's Life said...

For me these swords represent history and when I look at them I think Geez. Did they kill?
Where did they travel? Who owned them and what does the inscription say?
The two swords have different inscriptions.
They must have been hand made so who made them?

Amazing stuff here.
If only material objects could talk
Boy would they have stories.

Gattina said...

To the flat on the 7th floor : of course there is a lift, but it was out of work this day, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina Oh I see Thank God For that lol

SandyCarlson said...

Those swords are amazing.

A Lady's Life said...

I've had them for years Sandy and can't imgagine how time flies :)