Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Poor ol Jay Leno. It's not enough he is being teased about his chin but now even his jokes are offensive.

I saw the Mitt Romney joke video and didn't find it offensive at all. It was more about Mitt Romney than about anything else and gave free advertising to the Sikhs about their temple which is indeed beautiful.

People would want to go see this temple now and that's a good thing. Why does everything always have to be bad.?

This is all much ado about nothing.
Heck if the Pope got angry every time a joke was made about him and the Vatican, he'd spend most of his time angry.

Christianity is attacked all the time.. Buddhists are attacked. Hindus are attacked. Even Tibet is attacked and they sit all by themselves bothering no one up there.

In history, there is not one nation in the world that is innocent.
In fact the Sikhs still wear their daggers as a symbol of violence and war, in Canada, where other people would be arrested and no one can say anything to them because it's their religion.

And look what happened in Egypt. People go to soccer games armed.

Right now no one knows what is truly going on in this world but one thing we do not need right now is petty battles over small issues which mean nothing.
It was just a joke and not meant to offend anyone.

If any one should be offended it is Mitt Romney and he is too busy to care.

I think maybe this is the problem today.
People have too much time on their hands and if any one is at fault it is
Bill Gates and Microsoft. Computers are taking away every ones jobs.
So maybe this is where we should be throwing stones lol
Instead every one is busy buying stocks.

Have a good one.


A Lady's Life said...

So true Great thinkers have many mental problems like Nietzche for example.
My grand mother told me once :If I knew when I was young what I know today about all the things that bothered me, I would laugh at my own stupidity.
Sometimes I think I would offend people by what I think is funny. lol
I like to keep a mental note about what happened today and what I thought about it that day and see if I change my views with time through being educated.
Jay Leno is funny and its too bad some people find him offensive.

Gattina said...

Yes laughing is good, there are even laughing classes now !! lol !

I don't know who told you that the people in Egypt's soccer game were armed ??? Read here what really happened !
We had same here in Belgium years ago, when it comes to soccer they all get mad.

Religion has always been a good excuse. Look at how many Native Americans were killed because they didn't want to become good catholics especially in South America when the Spanish invadors came !
I always try to be objective, there are no angels in our world !

A Lady's Life said...

I agree Gattina but we have grown where as Islamic people have not.
People were sent to the hospital with knife wounds.These are the reports we get here.

George said...

I must admit that I'm having trouble understanding why Jay Leno is in trouble for his joke about Mitt Romney's home. After the controversy broke, a Sikh living here in Knoxville was interviewed about the Leno joke. He said he, and his friends, thought it was funny. They weren't 'insulted' at all.

A Lady's Life said...

George I also found it a fine joke. Typical Leno
Nothing offensive.

Diane said...

If one is looking to be offended, one can always find something to be offended by . . .

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - so true.

A Lady's Life said...

gattina the people who attacked were from the winning team. They had knives on them.They turned soccer into something political.
As for the soldiers they blame them for being there and now they blame them from not stopping the fight. There is no right thing to do there.
Some want progress and others don't .
The people are always the losers.