Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out On a Limb

Shirley MacClaine has been an interesting topic of discussion with all the things she did in her life. One of the most memorable things about her is her out of body experiences.
She wrote a book called Out On a Limb.

I went to a meeting once with a group of women, where we were introduced to this
I didn't go back because I thought it was a little too frightening for me to go out on a limb this way, on a string .
What if the string broke or what if I forgot to breath.?Or what if I found it so wonderful I wouldn't want to come back?
Or what if I stayed too long? How can you tell time doing stuff like this?

In any event I believed my mind to be too cluttered to ever be able to empty it like they say to do in meditation. In fact I don't think I can ever by hypnotized.

But there came a time when something very weird happened to me.
I lay down in bed to go to sleep and I guess I was feeling pretty good, very relaxed.

And then something incredible began to happen. I felt I didn't need to breath and something was coming out of my body. It began with becoming a little light headed but it got to feel like something greater coming out of your whole torso. lol

I am a real chicken about such things and basically just jumped up, totally wide awake, stopping what could have been an out of body experience.

I think if I had allowed it to happen, I would have freaked out lol
You need to trust and believe in such things with the aim of coming back.

I think I might want to have a go of it one day again, if there was someone around to make sure I didn't stop breathing lol
Or maybe I'd be too fascinated staring into my face and laugh that ick. Why would I want to re enter that? I am free!!!

So I believe Shirley MacLaine could have a lot of things to teach people.
How would science explain such a thing?
I know she must be a lot braver than I ever was.

People have been known to fly to so many places around the world and see things to the last detail, they would be able to describe. They would be able to tell you of a conversation a person had some where on the other side of the world, without ever leaving their room.

I began to read up on it and then forgot after getting involved with other activities.
But it made me a believer that it could actually be done.
Di Caprio makes these kind of movies where he travels through dreams into dreams but dreams are not actual experiences visiting other countries. This was not a dream because I was not totally asleep. I was just feeling very good that day and relaxed. This is something they teach in meditation how to do.

So blogger world. You have to be careful. Maybe one of these days someone will visit you or me and then tell us exactly what we were doing at exactly this time, in exactly this place.

I wonder if any one else had something like this happen to them?
That would be a mind blower :)

Just think, you could visit Hawaii any time you wanted to and swim in the ocean.
You could visit the Cradle of Civilization South Africa, and no one would know you were in the ancient caves where it all began.
Sure would solve a lot of flying and security costs and checks.

Have a good one.


Lydia Kang said...

I never read her book so this was kind of fascinating. Thanks for the excerpts!

It does make you wonder, doesn't it?

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Lydia