Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A Mom saw her daughter come home solemn .
What's Wrong Honey? Are you ok? she asked

Ya. Max asked me to marry him.

Well that's great news. Aren't you happy?

Well Mom he's an athiest and he doesn't even believe in Hell.

Oh pfft. Don't worry. Marry him anyway.
Between the two of us he'll find out and believe soon enough.


After waiting an hour for her date to show up Mary finally decided he wasn't coming
So she went and changed into her PJ's and curled her hair when suddenly the doorbell rang

She answered the door and there stood her boy friend
One look at her and his face went white.

What.....he gasped. I am two hours late.............and you're still not ready?


Baron's Life said...

Hahahahaha heaven or hell he'll soon find out for sure....and by the way you better be ready when I drop by to pick you up

A Lady's Life said...

hehe and how late will you be ......mmmm?

A Lady's Life said...

JDS Hows your wife hehehehehe