Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Eccentric

The most eccentric Egg I know is the beautiful Faberge.

Like Yucka –WOW!

Faberge was a company formed in 1885 designing mostly small eggs, to be worn on a chain around the neck.
The eggs themselves were precious stones decorated and surrounded by enamel and gem stones.
Needless to say, that with their eloquence, these eggs were nothing to yolk about.

Ok...... bad yolk.

We should not be cruel . Not all eggs are what they are cracked up to be. But one thing for sure, these eggs......
will not be egg - sploring on fry – days or any other day loll

OK seriously now….

1 egg = 13 vitamins = 75 calories
1 egg = protein with 9 amino acids
1 egg = healthy unsaturated fat
1 egg = 2 antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin necessary for eye care
1 egg = 23% choline for metabolism, brain and nerve function and memory
1 egg = 23% selenium needed per day, as an anti oxidant to stop tissue damage.
1 egg = 14% riboflavin required per day to give cells energy
1 egg = 11% B12 needed for normal digestion and nerve cell function
1 egg = 10% phosphorus for healthy bones, teeth and cell membranes
1 egg = 7% pantothenic acid to break down food for cell energy
1 egg = 6% folate for fetal development and red blood cells.
1 egg = 5% iron needed to produce red blood cells and oxygen circulation
1 egg = 5% Vitamin A for growth skin health vision and the immune system’
1 egg = 5% vitamin D for calcium and bone strength
1 egg = 4% zinc daily needed for immune system and body tissue growth and repair
1 egg = 3.5% B6 for nerve transmission
1 egg = 3% calcium for bones, nerves muscle contraction and blood clotting.

A magician , after pulling an egg out of a boys ear, asked: I bet your Mama can’t produce eggs without chickens eh?
The boy replied : Sure she can. We have ducks. Loll
Kids are as smart as old timers. They don't search their pockets for words lol

I guess we can say eggs are nothing short of being eggstra- ordinary and we must make sure the hens that lay them,
have a happy life, eating natural, untainted food.
Back yard chickens anyone?

So next time you see an egg…… egg –zamine it closely for all the egg- splosive reasons as to why
A chicken should come before the egg.

The egg before the chicken........

Or why......... whichever way it came……

a hard boiled egg, can be an easy part, of a daily diet.:)


George said...

I was egg-tremely interested in this post. The Fabrage egg is gorgeous, and your information about the nutrients in eggs was informative. The less said about the joke, the better!

A Lady's Life said...

yuc yuc yuc George :)
Sometimes yokes suck lol

Voegtli said...

Your story is egg-straordinary.

Perhaps, one day I will own one of these fabulous Faberge eggs. Together with a not less fabulous "Grande Complication" watch by Jaeger-Lecoultre.

Once I have won the hackpot of Euromillion lottery

A Lady's Life said...

You and me both Peter lol
Actually I wouldn't mind a small gentlemans ranch of about 10 acres or so.That would be enough to spread ones wings on lol.

juliana said...

faberge eggs are the most eggstraordinary if not eggcentric pieces of art :)

chicken eggs (or duck for that matter, not to mention ostrich) can be turned into pieces of art as well

A Lady's Life said...

I agree. Juliana lol

Jeannette StG said...

Aaah, Faberge! His intricate gold and jewelry (expensive) eggs have been compared to my paintings, because the images on them are like seeds/eggs/ideas that start percolating in people's mind that they want to "deliver" to the world.
When I did some research on Faberge, it was eye-opening that part of his history is similar to mine...what an coincident.

A Lady's Life said...

jeannette that is interesting lol
Can you imagine?
I love eggs especially when they are used symbolically.
It is a good thing to receive from someone. and also to give someone.
Your paintings are very nice:)