Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Is Confusing

Sorry Gotcha! Harry Truman Quote.

Well I must admit that I've been confused for a very long time now.
You grow up believing and being taught one thing and then the new generation teaches you something else, but then they learn so much more than we did growing up.
Here is another confused spectacle and a teacher at that lol

A Florida officer pulled over an eighty-year-old teacher because her hand signals were confusing.

"First you put your hand up, like you’re turning right, then you waved your hand up and down, then you turned left," said the officer.

"I decided not to turn right," she explained.

"Then why the up and down?" asked the officer.

"Officer," she sniffed, "I was erasing!"


George said...

Some old habits are just hard to break!

A Lady's Life said...

lol I loved her interpretation lol

Vicky said...

Ha ha! Thats a good one... erasing I love it! I think deleting... erasing sounds so old school already!

alady'slife said...

Ya I also thought it was funny lol
I can see old people doing that lol