Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Buffet Prank

We love Asian food.

One of our favorite Is a Japanese all you can eat restaurant we found at the Lansdown Mall in Richmond, BC.

We sit at a table with a menu and we have to tick off the numbers we want on another slip of paper and give them to the waiter who brings the food to you.

After having a wonderful luncheon outing with my sons, we got the tab

And it had every item we ate with the sum $o.oo beside it

So we had a tally looking something like this:



Teryaki chicken....0.00

Miso Soup…...…..0.00



= 29.23

Knowing how serious the Japanese people are, I told my boys we can have some fun here with the cashier.

So my oldest went to pay the bill and we stood and watched as he explained to the Cashier that we do not have to pay because the tally is wrong.

0.0 plus 0.00 plus 0.00 plus plus plus plus plus etc.. all zeros, does not equal 29.23.

The cashier got all excited trying to explain to him NO! NO! NO.!

Half in English and half in Japanese.

As my son continued the charade with this poor cashier, who was getting red in the face, trying to explain the tab, we were giggling on the side.

Then my son laughed and told him ok I know.

It’s a buffet with a set price per person but the cashier could not explain it properly, being Japanese.

When he saw we were pulling his leg he laughed and shook his head.

He must have thought we were crazy white people lol

On our way home we discussed this and agreed that the way the tab was done we could have very well won our case had we pursued it.

What they should have written was 3 buffets = 29.23 or something to this effect.

When you look for opportunities you can still have some innocent fun in life.:)



Maude Lynn said...

It looked like free food to me!

Jeannette StG said...

How funny! Different cultures, different math?:)

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen, Jeanette:
No they had a sign in the front saying all you can eat Buffet so every one knows its a buffet and the prices are up there as well. Its just the way they had the machine set up . Maybe it was to see how much, of what, people ate.
But it was worth playing a joke on them with it pretending we were dumb lol. Certainly created some memorable moments with the kids.lol

George said...

I must admit that I would be tempted to say the same thing. The machine must be using new math!

Voegtli said...

Though the photo looking good, I have problems with SUshi. I don't like it.