Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Ultimate Food Chain

The Mad Mad Mad Food Chain.

We study the world’s food chain, searching for decadent, cheap, nonfat recipes,

to enrich our lives, palette and eyes.

We love to eat up and digest almost everything we come across, and that’s no lie.

We look for water in the seas

We swim with sharks (not fish)

We attempt to catch the wind in our nets

We plow rocks and we sow in sand.

Our world is an oyster with pearls

We dig for truth.

We bottle up our sorrows

We butter our bacon.

In our world, pigs can fly and a needle, and storm have an eye.

We bring water to rivers.

We are continually searching food for thought

We do so many crazy things.

We leave many to wonder what we are really up to?

Man feeds off of man.

We are the mad mad mad world, movies are made of

and we can laugh about it.

Sad would be the day when we cannot enjoy a good laugh

at our own expense for.....

Man is the ultimate food chain


Maude Lynn said...

The "butter our bacon" line is priceless!

A Lady's Life said...

These are all saying people use which make no sense but I don't know how many times I had to catch myself and not put butter in the pan, to fry bacon lol I keep for getting bacon is fat. So now when I do fry bacon I fry it alone Get all the fat out Wash the pans and then fry the eggs.
Eggs fried in water are soo good Fat free and easy to take out of the pan.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

This is so true. Great post! It's funny the things we do. Have a great Sunday! :)

Jen said...

Have you ever been in the eye of a storm? The eye of a hurricane is clouds...deceptively calm...

Nice post.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Lisa
Yes Jen, I was in an eye of a storm and you are right its so beautiful and calm.