Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hall of Legends

There are truths and there are lies and then there are Urban Legends which may as well be truths

cause if people believe them they can’t be lies.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder as is beauty and a sense of smell.

Durians taste good to some people who say they are sweet or bittersweet and custard like . To me they taste like mushy onions.

What feels good to one, may not feel good to another.

For example, a tennis ball, which brings the hair on my body to stand on end, to another person, is something pleasurable.

A person can be raised to love pain and pain isn’t so bad if you do not fear it.

Sometimes the anticipation of pain, feels worse than the actual pain itself.

Mind over matter as they say

People walking over coals, worshippers piercing themselves with hooks, pulling heavy loads,

have all experienced things and if you ask them, will each have a different story to tell of the same experience.

We believe a person is insane and a liar if he declares himself to be God or King.

But give me a good reason why he should or could not really be who he says he is and who are we to judge otherwise?

Is a bad machinist, a machinist?

He has a piece of paper saying he is but his work sucks.

Is a bad artist, not an artist? What is a bad artist?

Is a thief a thief, if he believes the world is his oyster or steals food for survival?

We say he is a thief but are we not thieves as well for buying and selling things which are there, because they are, like cones from a tree.

Did anyone pay the tree for the cones? Did anyone ask the tree if it wants to be sold on the land it sits on?

Did any one ask a flower if its seed can be taken or the chicken if its eggs can be used for food?

Did anyone pay the hole in the ground for the coal that’s taken?

Did anyone pay the inventor of water for the water we use everyday?

Did anyone pay the sun for the heat it gives?

In the beginning, people believed in many Gods because they gave credit to where credit was due.

The soil got impregnated with seed and grew off spring, so people prayed to the Soil God for giving them food.

The tree gave of its fruit so man prayed to the Tree God

The sun gave heat so People prayed to the Sun God.

Today we do not give credit to any thing or any one.

We will not pray to thank the Sun nor the tree nor to a faceless God we do not know

but we will pray to the man or entity who holds power and fear over us,

be he a religious leader, a king, or president.

Man has become arrogant and believes everything is his to buy and sell.

Money is power and yet I have not seen one person who owns it, bow down to a dollar bill and pray to it, as they have, say… to statues.

I have seen no one pray to oil or coal or even diamonds.

So what does all this mean?

We place value in what is meaningful to us but if this is the case, then we cannot act as judges in courts and systems,

against people who do not believe in them or who do not have the same values.

So I guess in order to be able to make value judgements and laws that stick, the people we accuse and

blame for not following them, have to be part of the same group of believers.

Otherwise you punish an innocent and you teach, not the laws of the land but that you are a powerful monster ,

ruler or God superior to humans, man must bow down to in fear and be controlled in fear until one day

he can over power you and set his own vision of truths and lies as he sees them to be, but not necessarily are.

He can for instance tell you or make you believe the sun is cold reversing the meaning of words.

So you feel the sun as hot but instead of using the word hot, you use the word cold.

The end result could be that we believed in one thing but it ended up being another.

Today they are trying to prove that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who discovered America but the Chinese.

If they can prove it by finding the wood only Chinese boats were made of, in North America,

Christopher Columbus could become an urban legend and China will try to claim

her rights over this continent.

Urban Legends ………are we all not a part of them?????

And Who ever said "the best things in life is free?"



SandyCarlson said...

You've got me thinking, that's for sure. I will wonder again and again what is true as I make my way through the day.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

There is only one God, and we must give thanks to him for all that he provides. Thought provoking Post.

Maude Lynn said...

What an interesting train of thought!

A Lady's Life said...

I believe in a One God who created heaven and earth. But I am also amazed how easy it is to change people, in one generation, from knowing and understanding him, to not knowing him at all. People are fed all kind of info. Pressure groups dissuade people every day from believing in morals values etc...saying that we cannot judge them for the wrong things they do and they make others feel that they are wrong to want good and right things for their children and families.They say such words as good and right do not exist.They exist only in how you perceive them to be. Ex A homosexual believes it is good and right to be who he is, because of who he is.So no one is allowed to judge him let alone kill him.
So what I was trying to say is that you need to raise people to live on one page and it isn;t true that man cannot adapt because throughtout history he did and he can. This is what Muslims believe as well as Christians.In one country in Africa they passed anti homosexual laws which could get these people the death sentence. We are different from Muslims in that we are taught to give the other cheek. If this sort of thing continues, God will one day become an urban legend as well and if this happens, there will be nothing to believe in but fear,violence and death.

This was just food for thought lol

juliana said...

and i thought it was the vikings who discovered america (not to mention the aboriginals who crossed over from asia who knows when)

and most people are prepared to believe almost anything as long as it gives them excuse for not having to think themselves...

George said...

You've certainly given me something to think about on a rainy afternoon.

Kimmy said...

I concur with Bill-there is only one true God.
People tend to believe anything in print or if said to them in an authoritative manner. I do not understand that concept either. :-) You are most correct in that someday urban legends may take over-the horror!
Have a lovely weekend, cheers!

A Lady's Life said...

I think the above article made me write this blog. Uganda they said is a Christian country but this means Christians now want to kill homosexuals. So now Christians are becoming like Muslims ---killing.
Does no one read the 10 Commandments where it says - Thou shalt not kill?
I am not for homosexuality but I also am not for killing either.
The World needs to say something about this. There is enough killing and pain. Comes a time to stop.

Kimmy said...

I completely agree wholeheartedly. I think it is beyond a travesty to kill someone because you do not agree with their choices.
It is truly sad. I am a Christian and I certainly do not feel this way.
It is definitely time for the killing to stop.
I appreciate your thought provoking topic-sometimes we need to be jolted a little. :-)
Do have a lovely rest of the week, cheers!