Saturday, March 21, 2009

Samuel de Champlain: Father of Multiculturalism

Sam the Sham : The Mythof Champlain.
Very interesting article for Quebec Patriots to read.
from the Globe and Mail.


Anonymous said...

A heavy but intersting read
John Douglas Scott

A Lady's Life said...

I came across this article and had to put it on.I remember the days when Quebec had the FLQ and the Pierre Laporte Kidnappings and Trudeaus War Measures Act. It was a scary time and so unlike the French people I knew, who were full of joie de vivre and sooo religious.Before I found this article, I found another one where the Quebec Patriots called Trudeau a traitor to the French, and I thought, Gosh, why don't they stop already? So this article should be good for them to read.Its nice to have patriotism but have it for the right reasons, not the wrong.
There was only a small group of agitators and because of them 700,000 people left Quebec, so peace could reign.