Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Morning Monday (Marlena Dietrich)

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to every one!

I was reading some comments about the old songs I put on, and it suddenly occured to me that the young people don't understand why these songs are so meaningful and why they speak so clearly to many of us over 23 folks lol

My Grand mother had these songs and I grew up with them on old LP's. but it is only later when I grew up and began trying to find out why all these old people had idiosyncracies (lol) that I started to pay attention.
I wanted to understand why they were the way they were.

Tough, strong, rarely cried, disciplined, rarely complained about pain. They would smile when you'd complain about the hard day you had and come up with something like ya... hard to push

They were able to close their eyes to pain and suffering.

Love meant something different to them.
They never talked about it but they felt it deeply.

In fact my grand mother taught me a few words of wisdom.
When they keep telling you they love you, it means they don't.
Actions speak louder than words.

They understood what friendship meant.
They were frugal and charitable and did a lot without you having to ask for it,
always one step ahead.
They could taste the soil and know if it was good.
They could find water with a stick and tell you where to dig.
They had golden hands and could turn straw into gold.

Every morning they woke up, was a glorious morning!
They knew how to laugh at misfortune.

They believed in saving for a rainy day, in food, clothing, medicines and they always tinkered with things, recycled.
Our people today have no respect for material things and sit feeling sorry for themselves all the time.

You listen to kids and parents talk about bullying and you wonder, how did strong people of yesterday survive? He's bullying you? Punch him in the nose. Johnny Cash sang the song about the boy named Sue.
It's a survival song.
No old person I knew wanted to die and here, we have everything, and everyone's spirits are down.

"Suicide " is heard thrown around in schools and in households and in businesses.

Seems people are not living their lives right.
They forget there are no short cuts in life. It is, what it is.

People need to be needed and appreciated and loved.
They need dirt in their lives. They need chickens and horses and a garden and flowers.
They need chores.

Only families can provide that because they divide chores and everyone feels like they are doing something good by pitching in.

This is why I feel sorry young people today, throw their old away into nursing homes, when they could have such great family evenings, finding out about the incredible lives they led and all this is going to die with them.
They have incredible stories. All you need is a campfire and a peace pipe and it could be like in the old Indian days ,except much better, with new

My Grandfather walked amongst the bombs as they fell all around him, while every one else hid in bomb shelters.
He said: " If its my time, it's my time."
It wasn't. He was safe and God protected him.

Another fellow was the first one in the bomb shelters fearing to die. As soon as the sirens blew., he was right there, hiding under a bed, at the very bottom.

One time, before people had a chance to get there, a bomb blew through the shelter he was in and went down to the very bottom and landed right in front of his eyes and didn't explode.

They found him under the bed, staring at this bomb, insane.

That was a message sent to him, that if death wants you, it knows where to find you.

Another story was about the Germans who had the best bomb shelters and sent the other people to shabbier ones. Well seems the bombs found their bomb shelters and they provided them no safety, while the shabbier ones were not touched.

So they began to run to hide in those instead. How did the bombs know where to find the right shelters to bomb? It had to be some divine intervention. You see God speaking during these times and you don't question his existence.

Marlena Dietrich led the most fascinating life and these people should not die without every one knowing their stories because we become better people as a result.Ernest Hemingway thought that "if she had nothing more than her voice, she could break your heart with it."

Voltaire was a great man. He knew Pushkin.
My latest research has been about Pushkin. I loved his stories as well but it is when I went into his great grandfathers story...... that I found a most fascinating one. It led me deeper into Islam and slavery.
something that effects us even today.

People don't forget history. It affects and follows you in everything you do.
Schools teach but they don't teach what people need to know.
Once you put all the missing pieces together, things make a lot of sense.

How many people do we elect to lead us who don't know history enough to understand the consequences of their actions?
How many elections do we give ballots to, without knowing the people we are voting for, except what the lobby groups tell us?

You see, old people can fill in the missing blanks because they lived through it all.
They may not have education but they do have life experiences which amount to the same thing.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Falling in love again


La Vie En Rose Marlene

Thank you God, for North America.
And God Bless the World.


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Falling in love with you and your writing is so easy...good post


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