Saturday, March 28, 2009

Joe Dassin Et si tu n'existe pas.

Joe Dassin :

Et Si Tu n'existe pas

Champs Elysees

A Toi

Le Cafe des 3 Colombes

L'Ete Indien


Peter (Worldman): said...

Ou encore:

"Champs Elysées", "L'été indien" et tant d'autres belles chansons.

Joe Dassin was a great singer.

A Lady's Life said...

I got em. lol
You know Peter what I do?
I put on two links for A Lady's Life. One I work on and one I can listen to the music. It makes it pleasant. You can do the same. Put on two different links and listen to songs on one and do something else on another.
I will try to put on the other Joe Dassin Songs to click on.
I love him. lol