Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh Mother you weep at your child’s feet
Like Mary wept for her Jesus.
You wash and kiss his feet
If only he were alive here to feel them.

Oh Mother you’d die if you knew it would help
To bring him back to be nurtured
To bring him back to live under the sun
To a life he was promised and robbed of.

Oh Mother you’d fly your soul to the sky
On a string if only to catch his
And pull him back to a heart that will bleed
If they force you to live without him.

Oh Mother what’s left in this life without hope
What’s left without the future?
Oh Mother you weep
But he’s by your feet if only you knew he’s around you.

Oh Mother so kind, he’s holding your hand
Caressing your curls of gray
Whispering tenderness into the holes of your heart
So it heals and stays strong today.

Oh Mother please feel me here right by your side
For I am ok and fine
Where ever I go I won’t forget
The Mother who loved me and cried.

Oh Mother trust in what’s right and what’s wrong.
Believe that there must be a good reason
One day I shall stand again by your side,
With warm kisses and candles to greet you.

Oh Mother you weep at your child’s feet
Feeling his presence around you
Your heavy soul consoled in deep sleep
Knowing that there you can hold him.

Peace finally settles on your furrowed black brow,
As you see him in the bright glowing light
He is safe and at play and you stand and pray
That he doesn’t forget to eat lunch.

The Last Unicorn


The Old Fart said...

Beautiful is all that needs to be said.

Thank you for sharing


A Lady's Life said...

Welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

You made me weep
I need to meet you some day soon
Don't make me wait
Be easy on me
I cry easily when rejected

Anne said...

this is a very emotional post.
i wish you could put a picture of yourself so we knew what you look like. your a very insightful person!!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks guys.
I wrote this poem a number of years ago and came across it yesterday. I read it like it was for the first time and it made me cry too so I thought I'd share. :)