Saturday, March 21, 2009



La Boheme is from a very popular Opera by Puccini.
Opera is not something you need to understand the words to enjoy, if it’s done right.
Pavarotti some what proved this because he became a respected Opera singer without knowing how to read sheet music.
So we have a combination of people who don’t speak Italian and don’t read sheet music uniting
to compose a very beautiful Opera for people to enjoy.
That’s art.
Pavarotti. One of the famous songs he sung from this Opera, people know.

La Boheme originated from a book called La Vie de Boheme written in 1849 by Henry Murger.
The word Boheme referred to gypsies who lived a wild and free life, in this case artists.
The story is about a poet Rodolpho and a gypsy girl Mimi and of course all the love and passion between them.
The tragedy lay in the fact that Mimi was dying.
Rodolpho wanted to leave her because he couldn’t stand her flirtations.
His was ravaged by guilt because he thought he contributed to her sad state of affairs.
In the end they reunited just before she died.

modern version in a movie I’d like to find and watch one day.

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