Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time Takes Care of Love

Time and Love

Sir Julius Huxley: 1887 - 1975

Religion without Revelation
"Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat"

Once upon a time Prosperity, Vanity, Sorrow, Happiness, and Love went to a lush Island Marina on vacation.
Clouds began to form and soon they were told by the Hotel, the Island had to be evacuated because a big storm was coming.
Every one panicked and began rushing for their boats, except Love, because there were so many people to help and things to do to prepare for the storm.
When she was finally ready to depart, she saw her boat was gone.
She saw Prosperity on her luxurious boat and called out: “Prosperity! Could you please take me in your boat? Some one took mine!!”
“No!” She yelled back.“ It”s full of gold, silver and diamonds. There’s no more room!!”
Vanity was circling her way out of the waves . Love Called out Vanity! “Can you help me and take me with you?”
“No! You’re all dirty and wet! And I need to get this boat back before it gets to be the same!!”
Love ran up the beach and saw Sorrow and thought Sorrow will surely take Her so she called out to her as well and asked.
“No.” cried sorrow. “I just want to be alone!” and as for Happiness well she just flew by on her sails and didn’t even look to see if any one needed help.

But then finally a small boat came by and she heard some one yell: “ Come on Love! Jump on and hold on tight!” Love was only too happy for the kind hand.
When they reached a safe cove to stowe their boat, Love was dropped off on the pier and Knowledge was there to greet her.
Before she could say anything to the boat that saved her, it pushed off and left.
So she turned and asked Knowledge who it was that saved her? “Oh “, said Knowledge. “That was Time.”
“Time? Why would he want to save me.?”
Knowledge, being full of wisdom, answered. , “Because ….only Time knows your true greatness and what you are capable of.
Time knows, only Love can bring peace and happiness to the world.”
When you’re prosperous you overlook Love. When you’re important, happy or sorrowful you forget Love.
But with Time, you realize just how important Love is.


Anonymous said...

Lady you done it rock Babe
Your Budgee

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks JDS

Peter (Worldman): said...

And this is the most beautiful story about what life and careing for each other is about.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes, Time and Love sure compliment each other.

A Lady's Life said...

If we look at this story, it is like everything else in life.
Time and Love
have to balance out prosperity, vanity, happiness and sorrow.Thats a big load.