Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Tuesday (pets)

sarah brightman
don't cry for me argentina

Happy Tuesday to Everyone and Thanks for visiting a Lady's Life.

Listening to the news sure puts a damper on life.
The economy is especially frightening to most people.

One good thing though.
People are beginning to fight back .

Some want to keep chickens in their back yards because
they say government should not tell people what kind of food they should eat.
I agree.
Ducks are easier to keep because they waddle around eating any bugs you may have in the lawn and their soft quacking is very soothing.

You don't have to use artificial fertilizers on your lawn because they fertilize it for you.

When I was little, my Dad always had rabbits or chicks or ducks for me in summer and in winter they'd be supper.

Of course I'd never know. They would just disappear and I'd eat lunch and then go look for them, asking all the neighbors if they saw my animals running around. Of course every one said no.

Had I known I was eating my pets, I don't think I could have.
How do you eat Missy?

Ok. Bitey I could eat lol

Many people kept such pets and every ones back yards was one big garden.

One day on my way to school, I saw this white chicken running down the street being chased by a cat.
He ran right into my arms so I took it home.

He was a great little guy and slept in my lap. Finally my Dad said we can't keep him. Let's give him to your Gramma.
Gramma tied his leg to a rope and kept him under her balcony.

He grew up to be this huge gray rooster. A real handsome sort.

He loved my Gramma but when I came to see my little chicken, he chased me up the stairs so quickly I just barely had enough time to shut the door.
My Dad laughed and went out . The rooster ran up to him . He put one wing down and danced around him in a ritual like performance. My Dad kept turning and the rooster walked around him as well with his wing down caw caw cawing. My Dad knew he wouldn't bite him.
I have to give it to my Dad. He sure knew his animals.
My Mom never liked animals but he was a tinkerer and into everything.

The Rooster had become a guard dog and wouldn't let any one into the yard.
My Gramma was real proud of him
I guess my Gramma told my Dad it was time.
He wasn't as lucky as the Pig who saved the Farmer and his wife and just lost a leg cause you can't eat a good pig like that in one shot. lol

Here in BC, we kept Buster the rabbit. He had long floppy ears and was so cute looking.
Whenever he'd get upset over something he'd thump on his aquarium so we'd know something was not right.
He was like a guard as well sitting in his prefab home.
He gave us such good fertizer, my roses bloomed none stop, bud after bud till the end January and into February. I was impressed.

We exchanged him for a dozen eggs lol
I couldn't imagine eating Buster.

Have a happy day everyone. :)

Morning rooster crows. My rooster didn't know how to crow He skipped a beat
Just went ha haha haaaaaaaaaaa These guys here are pros.
Crazy Egg Experiment

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