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I AM - Horses


Nothing is permanent in this world.
You travel just to come home and find that there is no home.
All traces of your life and existence have disappeared.
The streets have changed. More importantly the character of the streets has changed.
The people have either moved or died.
The school buildings have been torn down and replaced by huge structures.
The little mall you roamed in is no longer a mall.
Used to be a hill to ski on, up a few blocks.
That’s gone.
The Church burnt down.
It’s gone and even the places you worked….all gone.

VANISHED! Like it and you, never happened.

The emptiness you feel inside is overwhelming at finding out….. that you, for all intents and purposes, don’t exist and it doesn’t matter.

How can that happen?

I guess it’s like everything else in life.
Germs mutate, rivers change course,
people are designed now and not begot normally.
We destroy all the history and evidence and then spend
milleniums looking for it, to find the missing pieces, in what is now a puzzle.
Everything changes and nothing is predictable or permanent.

In Zen teachings they tell you there is only the awareness
of things happening around you.
Time and space are one and as people, we are caught in it and
flow along trying to keep busy,
like everything and every one else.

We search for happiness and learn it is begot from plain good judgement.

Good judgement is begot from experience and

experience is begot from bad judgement. lol

Everything goes full circle which means man has to be aware of bad
to become good and aware of what is good to become bad.
And this applies to everything in the Universe from the macro to the micro.
There is always a play with opposites.

People are on a journey. flowing along in that circle, of being and existence, and
depending on where you find yourself, this is what you’ll be.

Now we find out that there is new matter , something apart from Quantum Physics. That should be interesting.

Everything in our lives is about change.
Politics Science Religion Sports are all in turbulence and
this turbulence has never stopped from the beginning of time.

People are not happy because basically they just want it
to stop but instead, it is getting more and more chaotic,
bringing about more uncertainty, more unpredictability and impermanence.

We are afraid, because we get tired of chasing this change,
this turbulence, to keep on top of things and
in the end we know, it will out run us and we will fail.

Maybe this is the reason we have death.
Maybe this is deaths’ purpose.

Maybe death takes us away to a place where there is permanence, predictability and certainty,
where we can finally beget joy and peace, which we cannot find on the journey this life takes us.
Maybe death is a tangent on the circle of life, just as birth is.

Maybe death is not death, but a new life.

We don’t know where we came from and we don’t know where we will end up and
most of us don’t know where we are in this circle of life either.
So the Zen Masters must be right, in that all we do know,
is that we have awareness, we are conscious, of things happening around us, right now.

The best way to live in a world, where you only have awareness,
is to be happy in the moment of time you find yourself in.

I guess by saying this, we imply that nothing needs to be the way you think it should be.
Nor should it be, unless it is.

Awareness begets a new meaning, in that once we are aware,
that there are no laws for us, and things don’t have to be one way or another,
things will just be, because they are.

There will be only good and bad and the large midpoint in between, where you are misled,
begins to disappear, instead of being the focal point, of all that is.

Awareness brings to light, meaning understanding,
that there actually is good and bad and thus people need to decide what they want,
for themselves, and work daily towards that goal.

good <----------(M I S L E D) -----------> bad.

Working to provide food is good. Killing man for food is bad.

Giving food is good. Stealing food is bad.

Giving shelter is good. Killing a man for shelter is bad .

Giving clothes is good. Stealing or killing man for clothes is bad.

Entertaining for good is good. Entertaining to beget badness or sickness, out of people is not.

Taking drugs for health is good. Taking drugs to promote sickness is bad.

Once you simplify things, people are aware and better understand
what it is to be good and exactly why the world needs it.

Awareness itself, begins to teach people to self censor
through the theme of being good because it clarifies the fact
that no one can survive being bad
whether it be in this life or the next.
In fact, being bad would not be of interest anymore because
doubt would be instilled in the action of being bad.
The graph then changes to different ranges of good.

+Good < ----------------------------------------------- > Good-

Hmmm interesting.

Worlds Smallest Horse



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