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Abram Petrovich Hannibal and Alexander Pushkin

Savva Ragurzinsky and Peter Andreeyevich Tolstoy got orders from Czar, Peter the Great, to bring a 7 year old Ethiopian Prince,
(who was taken captive and brought to Istanbul) to Russia.
Peter baptized him and gave him his name, Peter, and Gen Hannibal’s last name.

Abram Petrovich Hannibal
was then sent to France to be educated in 7 languages, history, arts, science, math, geometry, war fare, etc.

In France he met Diderot.

Voltaire, called Hannibal “a dark star of enlightenment”.
Hannibal became Captain and then came back to Russia.

When Peter died Hannibal was sent to Siberia but when Peter’s Daughter Elizabeth became Queen,
she brought him back.

He became a General and she gave him land and serfs.

Hannibal married a Greek woman Evdokia Dioper.
It was a forced marriage and she began to cheat on him so he put her in jail for
11 years and later divorced her.

He then got himself a Scandinavian girl Christina Regina Sioberg 1705 – 1781
He had 10 children with her.

One of these children was Osip.
Osip had a daughter Nadezhda who married Serge Pushkin and became the Mother of Alexander Pushkin.

Pushkin was not a likeable child and his Mom sent him to his Grand Mothers a lot but he was really raised by his Nanny, Arina Rodionovna .
She loved him, read to him, pampered him.
It is for her he wrote a lovely poem.

According to the family tree , it seems there was some family intermarriage.

Abram Hannibal had a son Osip, who married a Maria Pushkin
They had a daughter Nadezsda.

Nadezsda married Sergei Pushkin, son of Lev Pushkin and Olga Pushkin

Nadezshda and Sergei had Alexander Pushkin.

Pushkin was said to have had a hot temper , gambled and loved women.
They blamed it on his black side .
Pushkin died in a duel trying to protect his wife’s honor.

Pushkins blood can be found in British Natalia Grosvenor, Duchess of Westminster
And George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven.

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