Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beyond Death


It is the little things which we remember about a person after he passes over.

As days go by, we have flash backs of meaningful moments, keeping us connected.
Craig Fergusen made a televised eulogy for his Dad.

He said, his Dad was a man of few words but one thing he always did was put his hand on his head.
It was a Father / son thing.
A few days before passing over, he did it again to his son and his son remembered and will always remember this touching moment.
He said this was something he always….. “liked”…….. his Dad doing and he will truly miss it.

The hand symbolized understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love, blessing, lots of good will etc….without saying a single word; without looking like a pussy.
This is a treasure he passed onto his son as our Father in heaven passes on to us.
We become very blessed and special people, when we speak less with words and more with our hearts.

We always have to remember, that the whole world is vulnerable.
Every person, even the very rough, strong and most powerful, are vulnerable.
Vulnerability is what connects us and makes us human.

As you age, you begin to understand, that the world is not about money, land, fighting and wars.
It meant nothing when you were born and it all means nothing when your time comes closer towards the end.

As you look back at your life and remember all the personal battles you fought with the people you love,
you can’t help but see the comedy in it all.
Such foolishness you fought and worried over, which…… if you had to do it all over again….. would never
even be entertained.

Today’s youth will feel the harsh words they use when they get older even more so than the previous generation, which didn’t use them as often. Every word is seen and heard from the heavens above as waves travel through space.

We miss the old and the aged after they are gone.
We miss the young even more because they lost their time on earth.
It all doesn’t seem fair.
It never seems fair and we wish that the transition was not so final.
We wish their spirits would linger on, to continue guiding us as they did when they were alive.
We wish to hear their voices and feel their hand upon ones head.
And….. maybe they do, in their funny way but we have to be vigilant to know it.

We hear them in the wind. We see them in the sun. We smell them in the woods.
They are all around us, in trees and water and life.
The sparrows, chirping and hopping so cheerily from branch to branch looking for things to eat,
look out into space but maybe they are looking at them……the spirits .........all around us.

Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone's eyes.
John Oxenham wrote:
For death begins with life's first breath And life begins at touch of death

And God Bless.

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