Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shafia Honor Killings

This is a terrible story that was just tried in Kingston, Ontario.

When people first ran to North America, they ran to escape old laws and traditions to be free.

In the US they created a melting pot society. Every one is extremely proud to be American.
In Canada we ended up experimenting with multiculturalism to see if it worked.
For the most part it works until now with this new strain of people coming in from ancient backward countries, where things basically stand still for hundreds of years.
The population is stifled and not allowed to learn and grow.

We agreed to multiculturalism, because it meant all kind of people coming and living together, with their own religions privately but going to the same schools following the same curriculum and to obey Canada laws becoming proud Canadians .

But Multiculturalism doesn't seem to mean that because religions do affect politics and laws.

Beliefs raise certain type of people . However religion was only meant as a guide and not to become a fanatic over.

To say religion is an opiate of the people is the same as saying being an Atheist is to have no conscience over evil one does to himself or others.

People, to be well rounded, require exposure to many ideas to form their own opinions and not to have the opinion formed for them.

Children, especially if they go to private ethnic schools, are not exposed to regular people they will have to live and work with when they leave.This may or may not cause them problems in later life.

It seems from the quote in my previous blog, the Dutch realized something about multiculturalism with the introduction of the Muslim Society, which does not want to accept the country's laws.
The Muslims brought tribalism and laws above the nation state.
Even amongst themselves in their own Islamic countries, they don't get along because they don't accept change or each others tribes.

We do not see this in North America because people learned to get along and love each other for our differences. People love to see different cultures, eat different foods, see different dances but national laws have to be the same for every one, so people get accepted and do not get hurt or hurt other people.

In Canada we can compare this to gangs like the Mafia which fight between families
and Motorcycle gangs which fight between each other but even they, apart from their business dealings, raise their kids with North American values. They protect their kids. They don't kill them.
If we want to elaborate even further, the Islam faith can be compared because religion is also a business for the serious and so people can be raised as sleeping agents.

Up until today we had no huge problems but with people running from Islamic countries and then trying to establish their own Sharia and now allowances for honor killing laws, this isn't going to stop.

These laws are ancient, crude, and illegal. But families commonly carry the name Muhammad in their names so this means they are disciples of Muhammad who stands for peace through war, and after 9/11, people are not comfortable nor trust their agenda for wanting to come here.
It's quite understandable.

It is up to the Islamic people themselves to change this by showing different ways to resolve problems other than through terror and killing, the first one being to teach people to put Muhammad under the laws of the land and maybe to tear out the first page of the Koran which states all non Muslims must be killed.

Even if you ask Muslims in Canada about their religion they tell you: Oh NO. This is totally different. Most people do not understand the culture. How they think.
People who come from there, tell a different story and then you have such things as Shafia honor killings, which means and proves, women are less than 2nd class citizens, in the minds of men.

The Shafia family was given the harshest sentence for these murders and the Father still insisted this was wrong and that they were right. In their countries people are stoned and beheaded for lesser crimes than being normal. It is sad a 21 year old boy now has to sit in jail 25 years without parole, as they all do.

In our country we may disagree on certain things but we never kill over disagreements.
Disagreements are for discussion purposes to help better understand issues which can be resolved. In every ethnic group there are good and bad people.

I remember buying Mao's Little Red Book when I was studying in college.
Every one feared Communism in those days and I thought it was the cutest little thing back then lol
We never saw such small books . In it he said something to the effect that it takes 20 years to change a man, for every 5 years of life.
so if you are 5 then to re teach you to be the person they want you to be, would take 20 years.
To re teach a 21 year old would probably take about 80 years according to Mao's theory.lol
A 50 - 60 year old man you can never reteach in this lifetime although old people mellow as they get older having seen so much chaos over their life times.
I know I can teach an old dog new tricks so ........lol but.....
If this is true, then it shows children of immigrants, must be involved in the society they will grow up to live in. They need to be exposed to other children in public schools and raised in accordance with the laws of the nation.
This way sharia laws and honor killings will not be an issue in the future.
The message must be sent that living in a multicultural free society, what you like or want or raised to believe in, does not have to be recognized by other people with different views about life, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

We raise our children. We teach them to be good but in the end it is their decision how to live their lives, learn through their own mistakes, and their cross alone to bear before God.
These are rights we fought for and obtained and make us one of the best countries in the world to live in.

Have a good one.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I have grown up with these stories.

A Lady's Life said...

izdiher - so sad.

George said...

I've heard about the Shafia case, but missed out on the verdict. It's almost hard to believe that such things could happen in either Canada or the U. S.

I must sadly correct you on one point about the U. S., however. I don't believe we are any longer creating a melting pot society. Multi-culturism is alive and well down here as well.

A Lady's Life said...

George I know things are changing but in Canada many people loved the melting pot idea.It was a strength not a weakness.
Multiculturalism leaves doors open to abuse. People refuse to speak english, force different languages in schools,forms tribes of people called communities which separate but still use tax payers money.
Allowed to continue, it could go back into warring to keep your country together.Hate can develop and grow in spite of good intentions. How many other people are there in Canada thinking the way this Shafia family thinks? I know we have them in BC.
Some things should be free but under an umbrella of unity.

Canada is an experiment and it remains to be seen how it all ends.
But personally I don;t like looking for trouble and feel people should resolve their problems in their own countries.They never accept our country anyway because all we hear is about their home land.
We have International agreements to help in matters of discontent but to sit and listen to it every day at home is extremely painful.
We dont like this nor want this in our homeland.We are happy here being free people Today you have people in the US , saying we want more languages like in Africa where each tribe requires a translator. They are making tons of money sending kids into expensive colleges, make money off of pageants while hating America and wishing for its' destruction.
I think it is time to stop and smell the coffee before we lose everything we worked hard to obtain.Charity begins at home.